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Best Android Emulator For Flutter Development 2020


Best Android Emulator For Flutter Development

When we develop Android applications using Flutter, we definitely want a lightweight Android emulator so that when we develop the application it feels comfortable and the performance of our PC or Laptop does not decrease because it is burdened by a heavy Android Emulator and takes up a lot of memory or RAM.

There are so many Android emulators out there today. But which is the best android emulator for Flutter?

LD Player is The Best Android Emulator for Flutter

We have tried almost all Android Emulators available at this time, starting from Bluestacks, NOX App Player, Genymotion, KoPlayer, SmartGaga, MeMu App Play and many other Android Emulators that we have tried. And we really like LD Player, this is because LD Player is very light in compared to other Android Emulators. And what’s more important is that by using LD Player, we don’t need to configure anything to be able to connect with VSCode or Android Studio.

VSCode and Android Studio will immediately be able to detect android emulators running on the computer you are using to develop android applications.

LDPlayer System requirements

The system requirements that we list below are the system requirements we have tried for Android application development using Flutter.

How To Install LD Player

To be able to use LD Player as an android emulator in developing Android applications using Flutter before installing LD Player, make sure you meet the system requirements first.

  1. Download LDPlayer for Flutter Development
  2. Run the installation file and setup the path, It is highly recommended to install it on an SSD so that LD Player performance will increase.
  3. Complete the LD Player installation.

After the LD Player installation is complete you can immediately run LD Player to develop your Android application with Flutter. If you use VSCode for Flutter development you will find LD Player detected directly in the lower right corner of the VSCode IDE.

LDPlayer will be automatically detected without us needing to configure anything and can be used for debugging.  This makes it very easy for us as a developer. Because we don’t have to bother configuring adb and its ports. Unlike NOX App Player and other Android Emulators. Where we need to configure ADB and ports manually so that they can be detected in VSCode.




We highly recommend Flutter developers to use LD Player because of its simplicity and lightness. Especially if we develop Flutter with a low-end computer or laptop. This really helps us because LD Player does not require a high processor and RAM, very suitable for Low-End PCs. As you can see in the image below. RAM and Processor usage is very minimal, unlike other emulators. This is what makes LDPlayer the best android emulator for Flutter




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