Brand New VMOS 1.0.50, Should we update it?

Brand New VMOS 1.0.50

VMOS is an application that allows you to run the Android operating system on an Android smartphone independently. In other words, you have an Android emulator app on your Android Phone. This means this new system as a guest system and your smartphone as a system host. Recently the VMOS developer has released a new update, VMOS 1.0.50.

VMOS 1.0.50 was released after VMOS 1.0.48 was removed from the Play Store. So for now on the Play Store, you won’t find VMOS anymore. VMOS 1.0.50 can only be obtained from their official site which is

New features in VMOS 1.0.50

In this latest version of VMOS (1.0.50), there are some differences with the previous version of VMOS (1.0.48).  These new features are designed to make it easier to access them. Some of them are improvements to the previous features.  Here are some of the differences include:

  • Import / Export UI: The appearance in IMPORT and EXPORT files is more user-friendly than previous versions. There are 2 main buttons namely the IMPORT button and the EXPORT button.  By still carrying the Import & install feature you can easily install all the APKs that you import.vmos 1.0.50 file transport
  • ROOT Mode: Enable / Disable ROOT in version 1.0.50 has become easier and simpler. We no longer need to activate the Developers Option to access this menu. Only by accessing system settings will you find the ROOT menu. Reboot VMOS to take effect.vmos 1.0.50 adb
  • WIFI ADB: The latest features that did not exist in the previous version. With VMOS Wifi ADB, our laptops can connect to VMOS if they are on the same network. All you have to do is use the ADB Console on your laptop and connect it according to the IP address listed on the ADB VMOS WIFI menu.vmos 1.0.50 adb
  • Use Floating Window: The floating window no longer needs access from the Real Device. In VMOS there is now a toggle to enable and disable it.
  • Preloaded VFIN: Now VMOS provides shortcuts on the Home Screen. Just click and you will get the latest VFIN. VFIN is a simple application to bypass SafetyNet which is really needed by Pokemon GO players.

Can VMOS 1.0.50 play Pokemon GO

After there was a VMOS update, I immediately tried it and of course, I tried playing Pokemon GO. The results are disappointing. At this time Pokemon GO cannot be played on the latest version of VMOS (1.0.50). Maybe there are special tricks that must be done in order to successfully play Pokemon GO on VMOS.

For video review, you can watch this video: Brand New VMOS 1.0.50 (new Features)

How to update VMOS

Because VMOS has been removed from the Play Store, updating VMOS cannot be automated. In the VMOS client, there is also no check update feature. So you must uninstall VMOS manually that is already installed on your real device. Download VMOS 1.0.50 from the official site. Install the latest VMOS.

Should we update to VMOS 1.0.50

If you install VMOS for playing Pokemon GO you should not update to this version. Stick with the previous version, (version 1.0.48). But if you are not a Pokemon GO player then you can try it.  VMOS 1.0.50 does NOT support playing Pokemon GO even though the supporting applications have been installed.  So, for now, it is not recommended to update to this version.

After a few days, the VMOS developer pulled VMOS 1.0.50 from the official website. The latest official version now is VMOS 1.0.49.  VMOS 1.0.49 is more stable than version 1.0.50 and with special tricks can still play Pokemon GO.  To find out more about VMOS 1.0.49 can be read here.



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