How To Fix PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket 2022

PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket Fix 2022

It is deeply regretted as of PGSharp 1.50.4, PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket is disabled. This is due to a system update from Niantic, the developer of the Pokemon Go app. With the deactivation of one of the best features, many PGSharp users regret it. Even many subscribers intend not to renew their subscriptions.

This does not only happen to PGSharp but also to other Pokemon Go Spoofer applications such as HAL and iPogo (iPhone). However, the HAL and iPogo teams were able to quickly resolve this issue and released an update that would allow users to access Team Rocket’s Instant Beat feature again. Let’s hope the PGSharp team will soon be able to resolve this issue and soon provide an update that works again.

Instant Beat Team Rocket is one of the excellent features that can accelerate us to beat Team Rocket in just a few seconds. It is very effective in shortening our time. and we no longer need to think about which Pokemon are the right ones to counter Pokemon that Team Rocket uses. That’s why Instant Beat Team Rocket is one of the best features of PGSharp

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pgsharp instant beat team rocket fix 2022

What do we need to fix PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket?

We can’t use 1.50.3 because by default from PGSharp Setting this feature has been disabled. We can no longer toggle on this feature. For that, we have to downgrade PGSharp to the previous version. So which version still supports us to enable this feature?

We have tried several versions before PGSharp version 1.50.4. PGSharp 1.40.x also can’t because Niantic has forced an update to Pokemon GO version 0.227.0 while PGSharp 1.40.x is still using the previous version of Pokemon Go. And the best choice to be able to use the Instant Beat Team Rocket feature again is PGSharp version 1.50.0 and this is the only version we can use because versions before and after this version no longer works.

pgsharp instant beat team rocket fix 2022

How to fix PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket?

The way to reactivate PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket is to use PGSharp 1.50.0. This is the only way to get it back. If you have installed a version above PGSharp 1.50.0 then you have to uninstall it first. After you uninstall PGSharp 1.50.4 then you have to download Download PGSharp 1.50.0  (on the official PGSharp website the link has been removed, you can download it at the link we have provided).

Install PGSharp 1.50.0, reactivate PGSharp Standard using the PGSharp Key you already have. Activate PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket. Now you can beat Rocket Leader easily again, but unfortunately this method doesn’t work on Rocket Grunt. So you have to bother a little to get the Rocket Radar Piece before you can defeat the Rocket Leader easily.

pgsharp instant beat team rocket 2022 pgsharp 1.50.0 settings


video version of this tutorial can be watch in this Youtube video


This method can only be used to defeat Rocket Leaders only and does not work on Rocket Grunts so you have to beat Rocket Grunts manually by fighting them as usual to get Rocket Radar, after you can collect Rocket Radar Pieces then you can activate Rocket Radar and look for Rocket Leaders (Sierra, Arlo and Cliff). And with automatic this feature will work.

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This method is only temporary if PGSharp forces us to update to the latest version then this method will no longer work. We can only hope that the next PGSharp update has succeeded in activating PGSharp Instant Beat Team Rocket as usual.


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