Easiest and Fastest Way How To Find Ditto Pokemon Go 2021

Ditto is the hardest Pokemon to find

How to find ditto is one of the main issues of a Pokemon Trainer. Ditto is one of the many Pokemon found in Pokemon GO, Ditto is from Pokemon GO gen I. Ditto is very difficult to find in the wild. This is because Ditto’s appearance rate is very small and what makes it most difficult to find is because he appears not in his form. Every time he appears, Ditto always disguises himself as Pokemon GO. This is the main cause of many Trainers who complain that it is difficult or maybe they have never met Ditto in the wild.

PGO Feed Ditto Finder

how to find ditto and catch it 2021

In its common state, Ditto is a light-purple or pink, undefined Pokémon with minimal facial highlights. The face comprises a basic mouth and beady eyes. It additionally seems to have two pseudopods distending from its body that it utilizes as arms. It is fit for changing into a definite imitation of any actual item, including its structure and capacities. Nonetheless, if Ditto attempts to change into something dependent on memory, it might get a portion of the subtleties wrong.

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Each Ditto has its own qualities and shortcomings with regard to change. The anime and the TCG have demonstrated that periodically Ditto can’t change its face. It will likewise be not able to stay in a changed state in the event that it begins giggling. While its change capacity permits it to coexist with nearly anything, it doesn’t coexist with its own sort.

At the point when two Ditto meets in the wild, they will endeavor to change into one another. It changes into a stone when dozing to maintain a strategic distance from an assault. The same is never a long way from progress or individuals. The same is the solitary Pokémon fit for utilizing the Metal Powder and Quick Powder things.

How to find Ditto and catch it

Hot to find Ditto easily is to use Pokemon Feeds, there are many applications that provide Pokemon Feeds but they are usually less accurate and unreliable. Therefore we provide Pokemon Ditto Feeds (only for Ditto). Using this you instantly get Ditto’s accurate coordinates. You just have to copy it and paste it on your spoofing tools and teleport to that location. Then you will immediately find Ditto easily.

Keep in mind that Ditto can transform or disguise himself as another Pokemon. So when you teleport don’t move places or move the Joystick on your Spoofing app. Then Ditto will be right under you.how to catch ditto 2021

Step by step how to find Ditto

We have provided Ditto feeds in this article you can get accurate Ditto coordinates at point no.1. Here’s how to find Ditto easily

  1. Get the Ditto coordinate from the list below

    Currently no Ditto Available, Please refresh this page in a few moments.

    If the Ditto list doesn’t appear, it is because no Ditto has been detected. You only need to wait a while, usually, around 5-10 minutes once Ditto will appear on this list.
  2. Copy the Ditto coordinate by pressing the Copy Coordinate button. It will automatically send the Ditto coordinate to your clipboard.
  3. Make sure that you’re not on Softban state. Make sure you don’t play your Pokemon GO account within 2 hours before you will catch Ditto, otherwise you will on softban state. If you’re on softban state you will not able to catch any pokemon and spin Pokestop. If you have played Pokemon GO recently. You need to wait for 2 Hours before you can throw Pokeball.
  4. On your Pokemon Go Spoofing App, teleport to the coordinate you’re already copying from our Ditto feeds.
  5. Wait about 1-2 minutes and don’t move your GPS Joystick.
  6. A Pokemon will appear under your feet, which is not Ditto. It was Ditto in disguise. So whatever Pokemon appear under your feet catch it.
  7. Throw your Pokeball until the Pokemon is caught. After the Pokemon is caught, the OH? and that Pokemon will turn into Ditto.
  8. Congrats, now you completed the tutorial on how to find Ditto easily. how to find ditto 2021

Video version of this tutorial


The thing to note on how to find ditto is that the Ditto Feeds in this article don’t always display the Ditto list, but only briefly, usually every 5-10 minutes there will always be Ditto scanned. So please be patient and always refresh this page to get Ditto Feeds.



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