How To Get Meltan Mystery Box In Pokemon GO 2021

How To Get Meltan Mystery Box In Pokemon GO 2021

What is Meltan Mystery Box?

The Meltan Mystery Box is a special item also known as the Mysterious Box that can trigger the appearance of the Mythical Pokemon Meltan in the wild. The Meltan Mystery Box is a dark cube with a little red on it, this is a rare item because getting it is quite troublesome.

What is Meltan?

Meltan is a small Pokémon with a silvery body made of molten metal. Its head resembles a golden hexagonal bean with a small black ball floating in it. These balls function as eyes. It has a red tail that resembles a power cord with two small bumps at the ends.

Its body can corrode metal, which it then absorbs. Meltan can generate electricity using the metal it absorbs, then shoots it from his eyes.  According to Professor Willow, Meltan has been described in ancient texts found in the same place as the Mystery Box, a mysterious object that draws Meltan to its location when opened. Professor Willow also states that Meltan is said to be made from tiny shards when Melmetal rusts and splits. Meltans are known to live in groups until the time comes where one strong Meltan absorbs the group to evolve into Melmetal.

Why is Meltan worth fighting for?

Meltan is the first form of Melmetal, where Melmetal is great for PVP and for guarding the Gym. Therefore, there are many trainers who really want to get it.

How To Get Meltan Mystery Box


Before moving on to how to get the Meltan Mystery Box, we need to prepare in advance what we will need later. Here are the things you need for:

  1. Nintendo Account
    Here’s how to register a Nintendo account
    a. Open a browser ( google chrome) and navigate to
    b. Select the login / Sign Up menu in the right corner.                            how to get meltan mystery box
    c. Select “Create A Nintendo Account”.                                                        how to get meltan mystery box
    d. Select “For users aged 13 or over”                                                             how to get meltan mystery box
    e. Fill in the form completely and make sure you use a valid email because a verification code will be sent via email
    f. Open the email and enter the verification code.
    g. Done.
  2. Pokemon Home
    Pokémon Home is simply an online storage and trading system for other Pokémon games. It was previously only available on Nintendo 3D and Nintendo switch but is now even available on Mobile.
    a. Go to Google Play Store.
    b. Search Pokemon Home.
    c. Install Pokemon Home.
    d. Open Pokemon Home.
    e. Login Pokemon Home using the Nintendo account that we created earlier.
    f. Done.

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Steps by steps how to get Meltan Mystery Box Pokemon GO

Make sure you have completed the preparations above before moving on to this stage.

  1. Open the Pokemon GO app on your device.
  2. Tap the Pokeball icon on the Bottom Center of the screen
  3. Tap Settings (Gear icon on the top right of the screen)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  5. Select Pokemon Home.
  6. Tap Sign In.
  7. Log in with your Nintendo account that was previously created.
  8. After logged in tap Send Pokemon.
  9. Tap Continue
  10. Select all Pokemon that you want to transfer to Pokemon Home. Be careful in choosing the Pokemon that you will transfer because once transferred you will not be able to return it to Pokemon Go again.

We can watch the video version of this tutorial in the youtube video below.


To get the Meltan Box is not easy and a little confusing, but it is very worth it because Meltan is a very good and very strong Mythical Pokemon for PVP and Gyms. We need Nintendo Account, Pokemon Home and Pokemon GO to be able to get Meltan Box.
We can get Meltan Box this way every 3-4 days and we don’t need to repeat the steps above. We just need to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Home and we’ll get a Meltan Box. Good luck


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