How To Play Pokemon GO On PC Mumu The Most Stable Android Emulator 2020

Play Pokemon GO On PC on November 2020

How To Play Pokemon GO On PC has been an issue from the very first appearance of the Pokemon Go game. All players can’t leave the house to get Pokemon Go, always looking for ways to spoof Pokemon Go so they can get Pokemon GO without having to leave their house.

At the start of Pokemon Go, players were very easy to play on the PC. At that time all Android Emulator App, regardless of version, can play it easily. We just need to install our favorite Android Emulators such as NOX, Bluestacks, Kooplayer, Leapdroid and others, then install Pokemon Go APK or directly open the Play Store so we can play it easily.

However, Niantic (Pokemon Go dev) always updates its security so that we can no longer play Pokemon GO on PC. This made all Pokemon Go players on PC completely unable to play Pokemon GO on PC for a very long time.
A double login trick appears, which allows us to play Pokemon GO on PC again by logging into our Pokemon Go account on our smartphone, after that we can log into our account on the Android Emulator that we use. Niantic also knew about this security hole and soon they updated the security.

A new era for Pokemon Go on PC

A new era for how to play Pokemon Go on PC appeared after the arrival of PGSharp around March 2020 (after the fall of VMOS). PGSharp is bringing a huge change to the spoofing world of Pokemon GO. PGSharp is also the only VMOS alternative. Because with PGSharp we don’t need root access on our cellphones to spoof Pokemon Go. PGSharp is the best application for spoofing Pokemon Go without root.

Not only that, PGSharp can also run on android emulators (not all android emulators) unlike VMOS which can only run on Android smartphones, not all smartphones can because VMOS requires a large enough resource for RAM and CPU. PGSharp can be run on an android emulator because PGSharp can bypass the SafetyNet checks embedded in the official version of Pokemon GO.

With PGSharp’s ability to bypass SafetyNet, Pokemon Go on PC is back again. This is what Pokemon Go players have been waiting for on PC.  They can play their favorite games again on their PC and most importantly they can play Pokemon Go from Home.

How To Play Pokemon Go on PC Using Mumu App Player

How To Play Pokemon Go on PC? Yeah, that’s is the big question. To be able to start Pokemon Go on a PC we need the Android Emulator App. So which android emulator app is suitable or stable for playing Pokemon GO on PC? We have experimented with almost every Android Emulator App available today. Starting from Bluestacks, NOX App Player, LD Player 32bit, LD Player 64bit and so on. But only MuMu App Player is an Android Emulator which is very stable and suitable for playing Pokemon Go on PC.

However, please note that not all versions of MuMu App Player are stable for playing Pokemon Go on PC. We have tried updating our MuMu App Player but instead, make Pokemon Go force close frequently.

For that, follow the steps below:

  1. If you have installed the latest version of MuMu App Player, you must uninstall it first.
    • How To Completely uninstall MuMu App Player?

      • Uninstall MuMu App Player from add remove programs
      • Navigate to C:\Users\{your_user}\AppData\Local\Temp
      • Delete nemu exe
      • Delete nemu-hypervisor
      • reboot you computer
  2. Download Old MuMu App Player installer ( MuMu App Installer 1568798119 )
  3. Install MuMu
  4. Wait until the MeMu App Player installation process is complete.
  5. Open browser inside MuMu App Player
  6. Download PGSharp APK from the official site (get the latest stable version).
  7. Start PGSharp Installation.
  8. Open PGSharp App from Mumu Home Screen
  9. Tap the Yellow Star Icon on the top left corner.
  10. Select Options (gears icon).
  11. Tap the activate button.
  12. Enter the pgsharp key there. Here are some PGSharp Free Key
    PGSharp Free KeyDate Created
  13. Done
  14. Now you’re ready to Spoof Pokemon Go.

a video version How to Play Pokemon Go on PC using MuMu App Player


To be able to play Pokemon Go on PC you must use PGSharp, and cannot use the official Pokemon Go APK from the Play Store. To be able to use PGSharp you need to activate it using the PGSharp Free Key (Free) or Standard Key (Paid).




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