How To Play Pokemon GO VMOS

A Guide to play Pokemon GO VMOS

After Pokemon GO launches a major update, Pokemon GO 0.159.2, all android emulator apps cannot run Pokemon GO on PC anymore. This update also affects mobile applications such as VMOS. VMOS could not be used to play Pokemon GO anymore. But the developer team from VMOS responded to users’ complaints. They also quickly made an update so that currently VMOS can play Pokemon GO again.

What is VMOS?

VMOS is an Android Virtual Machine application that runs on the Android operating system, just like VirtualBox on windows that can run
Other Operating Systems in Windows. Slightly different from VirtualBox on Windows VMOS can only run Android on an Android Phone.
In other words, you have an Android inside your Android Phone. With VMOS you can activate ROOT with just one click and without changing ROOT from your original device.

How to install VMOS?

To install VMOS on your phone you have to make sure that your phone at least has 3GB RAM and 5GB free internal storage. if you don’t meet the minimum system requirements then VMOS might won’t run normally. Go to the official site of VMOS

VMOS Features

  • Create a Fake Phone Environment: Use VMOS to make a full Virtual Android Machine with a fully working Play store and network property. This virtual android machine can run on Android 5.1.1 and detected as a native OS. The Android VM is complete with an app drawer, Google services, and a few commonplace apps sort of a file manager and web browser.
  • One-Click Root Access: The virtual machine that you create in VMOS can be rooted in one-click without affecting the primary android system. This is the best solution for anyone looking to run root apps but doesn’t have the ability to root their actual phone. This is also an essential feature for developers testing apps.
  • Clone Accounts and Apps: With this feature, you can run two Android on your phone and of course you can clone all applications on the primary Android System. It will let you to multi-login in a single phone.  VMOS will run in floating windows, and it easy to switch between your primary android (real phone) to

VMOS Minimum System Requirements

  • More than 32 GB storage
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 or Higher

VMOS Recommended System Requirements

  • More than 64 GB storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 or Higher

How to setup Pokemon GO VMOS?

For the process of configuring VMOS to be able to play pokemon go a little bit complicated. The configuration is done on both sides, namely on our Real Phone and on VMOS.  Then consider the following steps.

Real phone setup for Pokemon GO VMOS

In your real phone, you need to disable the Locations Services to do that follow this steps ( not always the same on all phones )

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Device & Privacy / Password & security/Privacy
  3. Disable Location Access / Location Service

VMOS setup for Pokemon GO

For configuration, VMOS is a bit complicated unlike the configuration on Real Phone. In addition, there are several applications needed for Pokemon Go VMOS to run smoothly. Note the following steps not to miss a single one.

How To Play Pokemon GO On PC

Required applications

  1. Lucky Pather
  2. ES File Explorer
  3. VFIN 1.0.1
  4. GPS Joystick App Ninja
  5. Pokemon GO 0.161.1

Steps by steps configuring VMOS to Playing Pokemon GO VMOS

Video Tutorial Version

Enabling ROOT mode on VMOS

  1. Go to VMOS settings
  2. System Settings -> About Phone
  3. At the most bottom menu (Build Number) click it 6-8 times to activate Developer Options
  4. Click back 1x
  5. Select Developer Options
  6. Enable ROOT
  7. Restart VMOS
  8. After restart VMOS will be on ROOT Mode

Deactivate Find My Device on VMOS

  1. Go to VMOS settings
  2. Select System Settings -> Security
  3. Select Device Administrators
  4. Select Find My Device
  5. Deactivate Find My Device

Setting Location Accuracy

  1. Go to VMOS settings
  2. System Settings -> Location
  3. Select MODE menu
  4. Set to HIGH Accuracy

[irp posts=”362″ name=”Fix Pokemon Go VMOS Unable to Authenticate”]

That’s all you need to set up on VMOS. After the VMOS setup process completed we need to install all the files that I have mentioned above. Install all files in the correct order

  • Install GPS Joystick
  • Install Lucky Pather
    • Pokemon GO Vmos Lucky PatcherPokemon GO Vmos Lucky Patcher
    • When you encounter Lucky Pather BLOCKED by Play Protect click on detail and click install anyway (unsafe)
    • if you see a notification for an update, just update it.
    • Don’t forget to Grant ROOT permission for Lucky Pather.
    • Search for GPS JoyStick in the applications list
    • Click on in and select MOVE TO /system/app (if this menu doesn’t appear select tools)
    • Reboot VMOS.
  • Install ES File Explorer
    • after installed we need to give ES File Explorer ROOT access. Go to ES File Explorer settings and enable ROOT Explorer.
    • go to /system and delete xbin folder
  • Uninstall Lucky Pather (prevent Pokemon Go detecting this file)
  • Install Pokemon GO
    • You can install via Play Store or if you already have the APK file you can directly install it.
  • Install VFIN
    • After VFIN installed open it and select KILL PROCESS (hit it twice) and BYPASS POKEMON GO
  • Run GPS JoyStick and set up your location to anywhere you like.
  • Run Pokemon GO.



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