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NOX 9 The First Ever Android 9 Emulator

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NOX 9 Beta

BIGNOX as the developer of NOX App Player launched their latest update, NOX 9 BETA. The latest Beta version of NOX  is claimed to be more stable and lighter than the previous version of NOX (NOX 7).

NOX 9 is claimed to be the first Android Emulator App to use Android 9 as its operating system. This is nothing but the aim of keeping up with the development of games and applications that require a minimum of Android 9.

This is the smartest breakthrough to leave its competitors such as Bluestacks, LD Player, MuMu App Player, MeMu Play where they are still using the Android 7 operating system.


How To Install NOX

If we previously had NOX version 7 then you don’t need to uninstall it simply by downloading a new installation file it will automatically overwrite the old NOX installation and save all data from the old NOX installation and add a new image, namely the NOX 9 beta image. So you don’t have to worry about the data or games that have been installed on the old version being deleted.

  1. Download NOX
  2. If you want to customize the installation directory you can change to the drive you like
  3. Install and follow all the steps until complete
  4. Now you have The beta version of NOX installed on your PC.

Video version on how to install NOX Beta

NOX 9 Beta System Requirements

To be able to use NOX 9 Beta smoothly at least your PC must meet the minimum requirements of NOX 9 Beta, but it would be better if you can meet the recommended requirements so that the user experience is better.

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

NOX 9 Beta Stability

Because NOX 9 is still in the BETA stage, of course, there are some bugs found at this stage. Among the bugs that we find is when we open the notification or notification bar. we can’t immediately return it or close it we have to press the back button so that it can be closed again.

Besides that, we still find some games like Pokemon Go (PGSharp) that we can’t run on NOX 9 Beta now. PGSharp will be stuck on the loading screen and PGSharp will be force closed.  For information, the previous version of NOX NOX 7 also can’t play PGSharp, but NOX with Android 5 can play it even though in some cases there are often force closed. Hopefully, in the future, PGSharp can run smoothly on NOX 9

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Is NOX 9 Faster than NOX 7?

Yes, this claim is really proven because the boot time of NOX beta is very fast, faster than the previous version of NOX. A simple menu display also makes performance and speed increase.


Is it worth trying NOX 9 Beta right now? yes of course with us trying it if we find bugs we can report it to the NOX development team and they will fix it immediately so that the NOX 9 stable version release process can be realized soon.


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