Play Pokemon GO on PC Common Error

Common Error in Play Pokemon GO on PC

We are now very lucky, because now we can play Pokemon Go on PC again. Some time ago Niantic updated Pokemon GO so it couldn’t be played on a PC. Over time the emulator also updates their system. Now some emulators can play Pokemon Go again.

Because Pokemon GO is basically a game that is not designed to be played on Android Emulator. So when we play on Android Emulator, sometimes it will encounter several kinds of cases. Following are the Common Error when playing Pokemon GO on PC

1. Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate.

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When we play Pokemon Go on PC, sometimes we encounter Unable To Authenticate. This is because the server of Pokemon Go detects us playing it on a device that is not supposed to be on the Android emulator, but there is one trick to solve  it, here’s how to fix Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate:

– First, close the Pokemon GO application on the Emulator.
– Turn off the GPS on the cellphone. (don’t let you skip this stage)
– Run Pokemon GO on your cellphone.
– Wait until logged in.
– After logging on to the cellphone, make sure the GPS is in the same location as the last cell phone if you just play it recently. If not, you are free to set your location to anywhere.
– Run Pokemon Go on the Emulator and wait for it to log in.

video tutorial how to fix unable to authenticate

2. This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go

This message appears because the system has detected that your device is rooted. For that we have to disable ROOT on our emulator. In this case, I use NOX App Player as an example. In some emulators, the steps are almost the same. Here is how
1. Click the GEARS (System Settings) icon in the NOX App Player.
2. In General Settings – Untick ROOT.
3. Save Settings.
4. Restart NOX App Player.
5. Re-login Pokemon GO.
6. If “This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go” still persist you need to create a new NOX Emulator from NOX Multi-Instance Manager.

3. Pokestop doesn’t come out when we play it.

When we spin some pokestop around us and pokestop does not drop anything, then we might be hit by Soft Ban. Besides Pokestop does not release anything when we play it usually also when we catch pokemon always escape at the first catch.

What is Soft Ban? Soft Ban is a condition where we cannot do anything in Pokemon GO. That is because we make a move very far in a very short time. There are no special tricks to get rid of Soft Tires. We can only wait, usually 3 hours to 12 hours then the Soft Ban penalty will disappear by itself.
Tips to avoid Soft Ban when playing Pokemon Go on PC are:

  • Make sure when and where you last played Pokemon Go.
  • If within 2-3 hours you play Pokemon Go, make sure to use your last location on the Emulator.
  • You can specify a new location in another country if you are not logged in within 48 hours.

4. Pokemon Go Shadow Ban.

What’s a shadow ban in Pokemon Go?
Shadowban is keeping you from seeing only basic Pokémon suck as Pidgey, Ratata when playing Pokémon Go. Shadow Ban is a condition where you will not be able to meet a rare Pokemon. It’s mean, no Dragonite, Snorlax or Gyarados for you.

How To Play Pokemon GO on PC

Shadows Ban, What caused it?
Shadowban is caused because you accessed the Pokemon GO API (Application Programming Interface) illegally. Usually from Third Party applications such as IV Checker and Pokemon GO BOT.

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