Fix Pokemon GO NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021 Tricks

Pokemon GO NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021

Playing Pokemon GO PC is a dream for any spoofer who is lazy or doesn’t have time to leave the house. They want to be able to play Pokemon GO without having to leave the house, just in front of their laptop or PC. This is almost impossible since Niantic added a SafetyNet check to their system.

Before Niantic implemented the SafetyNet check, we could easily play Pokemon GO PC, we could use almost all Android Emulators available at that time such as Bluestacks, Nox App Player, Kooplayer, and other android emulators. But after that Pokemon GO PC became a dream, we can no longer play it on PC anymore.

Why does Pokemon GO NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021 happen?

When we try to run the official Pokemon Go application that we download from the Google Play Store, we will find Pokemon Go NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021, this has been happening for a long time because Niantic has used security checks using SafetyNet. This makes all Android emulators like NOX App Player, Bluestacks, MuMu App Player, MeMu Play, LD Player, and other android emulators unable to run Pokemon GO.

So is it still possible to play Pokemon Go on a PC without getting the Pokemon GO NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021 error message? Of course, you can, with a simple trick that is very easy we can play Pokemon Go again on PC without any problems.

How to play Pokemon GO on PC using NOX without any error?

To be able to play Pokemon Go PC using NOX we need PGSharp. PGSharp is a modified version of Pokemon GO which has removed the SafetyNet security checks. In addition, PGSharp is also equipped with an internal GPS Joystick feature and other interesting features which of course make it easier for us to spoof Pokemon GO.

When we try to run PGSharp on NOX for the first time then we will experience stucks on the loading screen. This is because the default NOX uses Android 7, this is what causes PGSharp to get stuck. To be able to run PGSharp on NOX follow these steps.

How to install NOX for Pokemon Go PC

  1. Download NOX App Player Latest version.
  2. Open NOX App Player setup file.                                                                 
  3. Navigate to the directory where do you want to install NOX App Player
  4. Tap the install button.
  5. Wait until the NOX installation is complete
  6. Close the NOX Installation windows without running the NOX.           
  7. Run NOX Multi-Drive you can find the Multi-Drive Shortcut on the desktop or start menu.
  8. Delete the default image in the list (NOX App player with Android 7) 
  9. Create Android 5 image.                                                                                  
  10. Run the new Android 5 Image.
  11. Once the Android 5 booted, download the latest version of PGSharp from the official PGSharp website.
  12. Install PGSharp.
  13. Done. Now you can play Pokemon GO on PC using NOX without getting Pokemon GO NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021

The video version of this guide can be found in Pokemon GO NOX 2021


To be able to play Pokemon Go on PC there are 2 main components, NOX App Player version 7 and PGSharp. and we can’t use NOX App Player 7 with Android 7 Image (default). We have to delete it and create the Android 5 image.

Don’t install the official Pokemon GO from Google Play Store or you will find Pokemon GO NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021 when you try to run Pokemon GO on NOX.

Before spoofing or teleporting to a location very far from where you last played Pokemon GO, you must rest your account for 2 hours to avoid cooldown. If not then you will be in a Soft Ban condition, where you cannot catch Pokemon at all and this can lead you to a permanent tire. So spoof wisely and follow the rules and you will be safe

Happy Spoofing Pokemon GO and Let’s Catch Them All. Get rid of Pokemon GO NOX Unable To Authenticate 2021.


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