Pokemon GO PC 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

Pokemon GO PC 2023

Pokemon GO is a location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic. The game was released in July 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular mobile games in the world. The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokemon, that appear on the screen as if they were in the real world. To play the game, players physically travel to real-world locations and use their smartphone’s GPS and camera to search for and catch Pokemon. They can also visit PokeStops, located at real-world landmarks, to collect items and battle at Gyms to earn rewards.

The game has a strong social component, allowing players to join teams and participate in events and battles with other players. The game also incorporates elements of fitness, as players must physically walk to hatch eggs and find Pokemon. Since its release, Pokemon GO has received numerous updates and additions, including new Pokemon, improved graphics, and new game features. The game has been praised for its innovative use of augmented reality and has had a significant impact on popular culture, with many people taking to the streets to play the game and explore their communities.

Overall, Pokemon GO is a fun, engaging, and addictive game that has captured the imagination of millions of players around the world. Whether you are a long-time fan of the Pokemon franchise or a newcomer to the world of augmented reality gaming, Pokemon GO is definitely worth trying.

pokemon go pc 2023

The question is, can Pokemon GO be played on PC?

As you can see Pokemon GO can not be played on a PC natively, as it was designed as a mobile game for iOS and Android devices. However, players can use an Android emulator to run the game on their PC. An emulator allows a user to run an Android operating system on their computer, allowing them to play mobile games on a larger screen. There are several Android emulators available for free, such as BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and MEmu, MuMu App Player.

To play Pokemon GO PC using an emulator, players will need to download and install the emulator, as well as the Pokemon GO apk file. After that, they can launch the emulator and use it to install and run the game, just as they would on a mobile device. However, it’s worth noting that playing Pokemon GO on a PC using an emulator may not provide the best experience, as the game was designed for mobile devices and may not work optimally on a computer. Additionally, using an emulator to play Pokemon GO may violate the game’s terms of service and could result in a ban from the game.

The risks of playing Pokemon GO PC 2023

While playing Pokemon GO on a PC using an emulator is technically possible, it is not recommended due to the risks involved. Players who want to enjoy the game as intended should play it on a mobile device.

Playing Pokemon GO on a PC using an Android emulator does come with certain risks. These include:

  1. Ban from the game: The terms of service for Pokemon GO explicitly state that the game is intended for play on mobile devices and prohibit the use of emulators. Using an emulator to play Pokemon GO on a PC could result in a ban from the game, which would prevent the player from accessing their account and all of their progress.There are several risks associated with playing Pokemon GO on PC, including the risk of getting banned by the game’s developer, Niantic. Some of the reasons why you might get banned include:
    1. Location spoofing: If you use location spoofing tools such as Fake GPS or GPS Joystick to change your virtual location in the game, you may violate the terms of service for Pokemon GO and risk getting banned.
    2. Third-party tools: Using third-party tools such as PokeVision or PokeRadar to track down Pokemon may also violate the terms of service for the game and put your account at risk of being banned.
    3. Automated tools: Using automated tools or bots to play Pokemon GO PC may also result in a ban, as it goes against the fair play policies of the game.
    4. Multiple accounts: Creating and using multiple accounts to play Pokemon GO PC may also result in a ban, as this is against the terms of service for the game.pokemon go pc bluestacks ban

    It is important to keep in mind that Niantic has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheating and violation of the terms of service for Pokemon GO, and they regularly take action against players who use unauthorized tools or engage in unethical practices while playing the game. To avoid getting banned, it is best to stick to legitimate methods of playing Pokemon GO on PC and to follow the terms of service for the game.

  2. Poor performance: Android emulators are not always optimized for playing games and may not provide the best experience. Players may experience slow performance, low-quality graphics, and other issues when playing Pokemon GO on a PC.
  3. Security risks: Downloading and installing an Android emulator and a third-party apk file for Pokemon GO can be risky, as they may contain malware or other security threats.
  4. Unstable gameplay: The game may not work optimally on an emulator, leading to crashes, bugs, and other stability issues that can affect the player’s experience.

Now, How to play Pokemon GO PC 2023?

The official Pokemon GO app from Niantic that is available in Google Play Store isn’t supported in to be played in any Android Emulator. Then … how to play Pokemon Go PC 2023. In addition, to play Pokemon GO on PC using MuMu App Player you need PGSharp.

What is PGSharp?

PGSharp is a location spoofing tool for Pokemon Go PC, a popular augmented reality mobile game. It allows players to change their virtual location in the game, effectively tricking the game into thinking they are somewhere else. This allows players to access Pokemon and other in-game features that might not be available in their actual location. However, using PGSharp or any other cheating tools is against the terms of service of Pokemon Go, and can result in a ban from the game.

PGSharp is not an official mod of Pokemon Go PC. It is a third-party tool that is used to manipulate the game by changing the player’s virtual location. While it allows players to access new Pokemon and other in-game features, it is not endorsed or approved by the game’s developers, Niantic. Using PGSharp or any other cheating tools goes against the terms of service of Pokemon Go, and can result in permanent bans from the game. It’s recommended that players stick to playing the game as intended, without using third-party tools to gain an unfair advantage

Why we choose MuMu instead of Bluestacks

After the latest update from Niantic and PGSharp 1.96.1 it seems that PGSharp no longer supports playing on Bluestacks. And for now, only MuMu App Player is the only android emulator that can run PGSharp or Pokemon GO PC. Apart from that, MuMu App Player also supports Virtual Go Plus on PGSharp, or indirectly, MuMu App Player supports the bluetooth emulation required for Virtual Go Plus to be activated.

Steps by steps to install Pokemon GO PC

First of all, let’s start the process of installing MuMu App player. On the official MuMu App Player website, we can find several versions of MuMu App player that are provided there. But only 1 version of MuMu App player can play Pokemon GO PC. So follow these steps carefully so that you download the correct version of MuMu App Player so that Pokemon GO PC can run perfectly on your PC.

How to Download The Correct Version of MuMu App player for Pokemon GO PC?

To be able to play Pokemon GO PC using MuMu App Player we need MuMu App Player Android 6 64bit. For that, follow the steps below so you don’t download the wrong one

To download MuMu App Player for Android 6 (Marshmallow) on a 64-bit computer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MuMu App Player website (https://www.mumuglobal.com/index.html).
  2. Don’t download from FREE DOWNLOAD buttonĀ 
  3. Below Free Download button there’s 3 link that lead you to MuMu Player download
  4. select Offline Installer 64 bits mumu player 64bit
  5. Once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install MuMu App Player on your computer.
  7. Once the installation is complete, launch MuMu App Player

That’s it! With MuMu App Player installed, you can now enjoy all your favorite Android apps on your Windows computer, including those designed for Android 6 (Marshmallow).

Why you should use MuMu Player 64bit instead of MuMu Player 32bit

here are several reasons why you may want to use the 64-bit version of MuMu App Player instead of the 32-bit version for Pokemon GO PC:

  1. Improved performance: 64-bit software is generally faster and more efficient than 32-bit software. This is because a 64-bit processor can handle more memory and data than a 32-bit processor, which can result in improved performance for resource-intensive applications like MuMu App Player.
  2. Better compatibility: Some newer and more demanding Android apps may only be compatible with 64-bit devices. By using the 64-bit version of MuMu App Player, you can ensure that you’ll be able to run these apps on your computer.
  3. Better security: 64-bit operating systems and software are generally more secure than 32-bit ones because they can take advantage of advanced security features such as Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).
  4. Future-proofing: As technology advances, 64-bit computing is becoming more and more prevalent. By using the 64-bit version of MuMu App Player now, you can ensure that you’ll be able to run the latest and greatest Android apps for years to come.
  5. Support for Virtual Go Plus for Pokemon GO using PGSharp. This is the most important reason to use MuMu App Player 64 to play Pokemon GO PC, because with this feature on PC, it is as if we have Pokemon GO BOT 2023 on our PC. We can run Pokemon Go PC 24/7 without our intervention, everything can run automatically.

In general, if your computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows and you have a relatively modern and powerful processor, you should use the 64-bit version of MuMu App Player for the best performance and compatibility.

How to install PGSharp 64bit

Here’s a step-by-step guide to download and install PGSharp on MuMu App Player (64-bit version):

  1. Make sure you have MuMu App Player installed on your computer. If not, you can follow the steps outlined in the previous answers to download and install MuMu App Player (64-bit version).
  2. Go to the PGSharp website (https://pgsharp.com/).
  3. Scroll down the page until you see the download link for the latest version of PGSharp
  4. Select Download PGSharp for ARM64 Please only select PGSharp 64bit to Play Pokemon GO PC otherwise you won’t get Virtual Go Plus Feature (Paid Version)
  5. Done. now you have the latest version of PGSharp 64bit

Install PGSharp on MuMu App Player 64bit

To install an APK file on MuMu App Player from your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Launch MuMu App Player on your computer.
  2. On the main screen, click the “Install apk” button.
  3. Select the APK file you downloaded in step 1 and click “Open”.
  4. The APK file will now be installed on MuMu App Player. You can access the app from the app drawer or the home screen.

Now you have PGSharp installed on your MuMu App Player, and if you have PGSharp Standard Code just activated it on PGSharp and you can activate Virtual Go Plus and you’re ready to Auto Farm your Pokemon GO PC.


Tips & Tricks on how to Spoof Pokemon GO wisely to avoid getting ban

Spoofing in Pokemon GO PC is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a ban. However, if you still choose to do it, it’s important to do it wisely to minimize the risk of getting banned. Here are some tips:

  1. Use a trusted spoofing app: Only use reputable spoofing apps that have been tested and have a good track record of avoiding bans.
  2. Be subtle: Don’t make sudden or large jumps in your location, as this is more likely to trigger anti-cheat measures in the game.
  3. Play the game normally: In addition to spoofing, make sure to play the game normally and participate in normal gameplay activities, such as catching Pokemon and battling in gyms.
  4. Limit your spoofing: Don’t overuse spoofing and make sure to take breaks from it to avoid arousing suspicion.
  5. Use a VPN: Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to hide your location and encrypt your connection, making it harder for the game to detect that you’re spoofing.

Note: Spoofing in Pokemon GO PC is against the game’s terms of service and is considered cheating. There is always a risk of getting banned, and I do not endorse or support cheating in any form.






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