SafetyNet Check v1.0.3: The Best SafetyNet Checker For VMOS

What is SafetyNet Check

SafetyNet Check is an Android application to validate that our Android device is safe or not. So what exactly is SafetyNet? SafetyNet is a part of the Google Play Service that helps developers to access the health and safety of Android devices.

We cannot manually check SafetyNet using an internet browser. If we do a manual check, the results will always be FALSE (not safe). Although we do it using a browser on our Android smartphone. For that we need to do this using SafetyNet checking tools.

safetynet check 1.0.3

What is the difference with the other Safetynet Checker applications

Functionally, all SafetyNetChecker applications are the same, validating whether our device is safe and healthy or not. But SafetyNet Checker 1.0.3 is equipped with features that are specific to Pokemon GO players, especially Pokemon Go Spoofer on VMOS.

There is a very interesting feature that is detecting the status of whether VFIN Routines performed in VMOS are correct or not. There is also an app launcher that helps users to run applications without having to return to the home screen.

How to install SafetyNet Check 1.0.3

  1. Go to Google Play Store from your Android device.
  2. Select app.
  3. Search for softguide
  4. Tap the install button Install
  5. Done.

safetynet check 1.0.3

How to update SafetyNet on VMOS

Because SafetyNetCheck is a preinstalled app on VMOS, we don’t get an update notification on our Play Store. Even when we open the SafetyNet Check application through the Play Store, the update button does not appear. For that we need to do the following steps so we can update it:

  1. Uninstall SafetyNet which has been installed on VMOS. By Tap & Hold and select App Info
  2. Uninstall Google Play Store update by Tap & Hold Google Play Store icon and select app info. Tap the Uninstall Update.
  3. Open the Google Play Store and select Settings.
  4. Disable Auto-update apps
  5. Reboot VMOS
  6. Open Google Play Store and search for “softguide”
  7. Select SafetyNet check from SoftGuide
  8. Install. Wait for the installation to complete.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Each application certainly has its own weaknesses and strengths. We will discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of SafetyNet Check 1.0.3


  • We can check SafetyNet with just a single tap.
  • There is additional information that is very useful
  • There are superior features especially for VMOS users
  • There is a launcher app that really helps us to launch all app we need to play Pokemon Go on VMOS.

safetynet check 1.0.3 safetynet check 1.0.3 softguide


  • Because SafetyNet check 1.0.3 uses the SafetyNet API service from Google and is only given 10,000 requests daily, so if the daily quota has run out we cannot check.


So that the SafetyNetCheck application always gets a notification if there is an update we should update it through the Play Store first because the preinstalled application will not get an update service from the Play Store. Then the best step is to uninstall it first and then install it again through the Play Store.



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