No Hope For Pokemon GO on PC 2020

Pokemon GO on PC 2020

Pokemon GO on PC, who doesn’t want it. Almost all Pokemon GO players want to be able to play Pokemon GO again on PC. At the beginning of the release of Pokemon GO, many Pokemon GO players played it using android emulators such as Bluestacks, NOX app player and other android emulator apps.
Previously, this method can work perfectly, we only need to install Pokemon Go on the emulator through the Google Play Store or directly by installing Pokemon GO Apk that we have downloaded into the emulator so we will immediately be able to spoof Pokemon go.

Some time ago at the end of 2019 precisely in September we could again do spoof pokemon go using an android emulator (Nox) using the double login trick. Only by logging our account on our smartphone and then logging in again to the emulator so we will be able to play Pokemon GO on PC. But this trick can no longer be used.

When Niantic launched the 0.165.2 update, there were also bugs in this version. We could easily play Pokemon GO on a PC just by installing this version on the emulator. It is possible that Pokemon Go developers forgot to enable security in this version. Niantic also quickly launched the next version which of course they reactivated the security so it could not be played on a PC or emulator.

Niantic discontinued its support for 32bit smartphones

The most recent news from Niantic is that in August 2020 they will stop supporting Android smartphones with 32bit architecture. This is unfortunate because there are still many pokemon go players who still play Pokemon Go on their old android smartphones.

Another effect of this update is the dashing hopes of Pokemon Go players on PC. They can no longer hope to be able to play Pokemon GO on PC.

Why the emulator is no longer possible to run Pokemon GO

As we all know that all the android emulators available today still use 32bit architecture. With 32bit architecture, the Android emulator can only be installed with Android applications with the architecture of Armeabi, X86, Armeabi-V7A and applications that cannot be installed with 64bit or Arm64-V8A architecture.  In the picture below we can see the device info from the NOX App player shows that NOX only supports 32bit.

For more details, you can listen to the following video which explains in detail why the android emulator will no longer be able to play Pokemon GO.

Say goodbye to Pokemon GO on PC

With this, there is no more Pokemon GO on PC. Unless the NOX App player and other Android emulators update their machines with Android 64bit. So this is a good time to say goodbye to Pokemon GO on PC 2020.

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