Will VFIN 1.0.4 be released? Say Good By to VFIN

VFIN 1.0.4

Many VMOS users are waiting for VFIN updates. They can’t do anything without VFIN 1.0.4 (the latest VFIN). Since Niantic or Google has updated the SafetyNet patch. VMOS becomes useless for Pokemon Go Spoofer. VFIN is really affected by this security patch. VMOS users like losing their wings. They can no longer teleport to their favorite places.

VFIN 1.0.3 Down at a very inappropriate time. When the Corona outbreak hit and required people to be inside the house. Many VMOS users are frustrated waiting for the VFIN 1.0.4 update. Even more, events are waiting to be completed by Pokemon GO players.

Will VFIN 1.0.4 be released?

Many rumors say that VFIN update will be released soon. There are even rumors that say VFIN 1.0.4 was released on 30 March 2020. But the rumor was proven wrong and to this day VFIN 1.0.4 has not been released. It’s been almost a week that VMOS users are waiting for the latest VFIN update. They are waiting in uncertainty because VMOS developers and VFIN developers cannot provide certainty when VFIN updates will be released.

There is a post on REDDIT by a REDDITOR (VeVFin) which said that VMOS Developers has small-minded and won’t update VMOS. Below is the screenshot.

When the statement from VeVFin was confirmed to VMOS Dev on their telegram group. They deny that VeVFin is a VFIN developer and they deny the statement. At that time the Redditor also doubted the presence of VeVFin, they agreed to declare that VeVFIN was a fake account that only wanted to disturb the atmosphere. Because we can see in the screenshot below that VeVFin is a new account created on March 27, 2020. A few days after VMOS DOWN and VFIN cannot be used for Pokemon GO Spoofing.

Feeling VMOS ignored VeVFin’s statement, then on March 29, 2020 (the statement updated on March 30, 2020) VeVFin gave the last posts and goodbyes as well as proof that they had actually updated VFIN (VFIN 1.0.4) which was able to bypass the latest SafetyNet Check update.


VeVFin states that VMOS dev is not competent in developing VMOS so it doesn’t immediately launch an update that is needed by VFIN developers. Thus forcing the VFIN developer to modify VMOS to be able to bypass SafetyNet again. But as VeVFIN said that this process is not easy. He must change the Android VMOS base that uses Android 5 to Android 7.1. and he doubted whether the VMOS developer could do it because according to VeVFin the VMOS developer stole the source code from another developer.

VeVFin also attaches a screenshot of Pokemon Go 0.171.0 which can run on VMOS Environment, of course VMOS which has been modified by VeVFin to be VMOS with Android 7.1


With the statement from VeVFin, what should be updated is VMOS. VMOS dev must update the Android 5 base to Android 7. So that it can allow VFIN developers to update their VFIN to run on VMOS. If the VMOS developer stays with those who do not want to update their operating system then as said by VeVFin … GOOD BYE VFIN.

We can only hope that VMOS developers respond to it and immediately update VMOS according to VeVFIN’s request so that VMOS users can go back to using VMOS for Pokemon GO Spoofing.

We are still not sure about the VeVFin account, is it really a real VFIN developer account.  Because some of his statements are true like his statement about us being forced to watch videos to activate ROOT mode. T

The VMOS Fully Loaded team also provided some information to us that there are some updates that are actually unnecessary, the update only replaces a little and unnecessary code. And the addition of VMOS Unlocker which only adds benefits to VMOS developers.  What we can do now is wait for the two VMOS and VFIN developers to unite and make VMOS triumphant again as the best Pokemon GO spoofing application.




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