The Best VMOS Alternative app For Pokemon GO Spoofing #1

VMOS Alternative

VMOS Alternative, many VMOS users are looking for an alternative app when VMOS is declared DOWN or can no longer play Pokemon GO on VMOS. When VFIN or VMOS is down, it is often that VFIN is down due to the frequent updates of NIANTIC’s security patches. The security update is very impacting on the VFIN application that is used to bypass SafetyNet.

When VFIN is down or VMOS is down, the user cannot do anything using VMOS. All they can do is wait for VMOS Devs or VFIN Devs to launch the update. When VFIN is down or VMOS is down, the user cannot do anything using VMOS. All they can do is wait for VMOS Devs or VFIN Devs to launch the update. That’s when users often search for alternative applications to replace VMOS for a while until the update is launched.

VMOS Alternative App

Is there a VMOS Alternative?  Although VMOS is the only application in this industry. VMOS is an android emulator app that can run in the Android Operating System. Basically VMOS users use VMOS because they don’t need to ROOT their android smartphone.

So there is an alternative VMOS application that allows us to spoof Pokemon GO without having to ROOT our smartphone. That application is FGL PRO

What is FGL PRO

FGL Pro is an Android application that is used to change our original location (mock location app). It’s not like VMOS which is a Virtual Machine.  With FGL Pro you spoof Pokemon Go. FGL Pro is equipped with GPS Joysticks and Route features like other mock location applications.

FGL System Requirements

To be able to run FGL Pro, we need our operating system to be Android under version 9. So if your smartphone has Android 9 and even 10 then you shouldn’t expect to use FGL Pro on your smartphone. It is recommended to use Android M (Marshmallow) or Android 6. Because FGL is very compatible with Android 6.

For other specifications such as RAM and Processor is not too high. Because FGL Pro is just a GPS mock application. Unlike VMOS which requires high RAM and processor specifications, because VMOS is a VM (Virtual Machine).  FGL Pro can run on smartphones with 2GB RAM and a dual-core processor. In fact, FGL cannot run on HIGH-END smartphones (smartphones that use Android 9 and above).

How To Install FGL PRO

As previously mentioned that FGL Pro cannot run on the latest type of smartphone (high end). FGL Pro requires an old android smartphone. So make sure your smartphone is a smartphone with Android 6 (highly recommended). Before downgrading Google Play Services, make sure that your phone Security Patch is 2018 or below, otherwise you will fail to downgrading the Google Play Services Follow the steps below carefully:

  • Downgrade Google Play Service

    1. Open Settings – System Settings – Security
    2. Open Device Administrators
    3. Deactivate FIND MY DEVICE
    4. Open Settings – Manage App
    5. Search for Google Play Services
    6. Tap Google Play Services for more detail
    7. Write down the code after the version (eg: 20.04.75 (020300-295998686))
    8. Tap the Uninstall Update button
    9. Uninstall Google Play Service
    10. Done.
  • Install Google Play Service 12.6.85

    1. Go to APK MIRROR and search for Google Play Services 12.6.85.
    2. You will find many variants from Google Play Service 12.5.85
    3. Make sure you choose the correct variant according to what we noted in the previous steps to Uninstall Google Play Services.
    4. Download the Google Play Services 12.6.85 APK
    5. Install Google Play Services 12.6.85 APK
    6. Open Settings
    7. Select apps
    8. Search for Google Play Store
    9. Disable Google Play Store
    10. Done
  • Install FGL Pro

    1. Go to Google Play Store
    2. Search for FGL Pro.
    3. Install FGL Pro.
  • Configuring FGL PRO

    • Open settings
    • Select About Phone
    • Tap 6x on Build Number to activate Developer Options
    • Enable MOCK LOCATION


FGL Pro as VMOS Alternative can only be done on old android smartphones. FGL Pro cannot run on Android smartphones above version 9. Make sure when downloading Google Play Service 12.6.85 you download the correct variant according to your smartphone.



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