VMOS Fully Loaded for Pokemon GO 0.163.4

What is VMOS Fully Loaded

VMOS is the only Android emulator app that runs on Android smartphones.  With VMOS you can experiment freely on vmos environment. What you do in VMOS will not have an impact on your smartphone. If something happens to VMOS (broken) you just have to delete the data and VMOS will return to the way it was.

VMOS Fully Loaded is the latest version of VMOS (v1.0.47) which is preinstalled with the applications needed to play Pokemon GO.  With this VMOS we no longer need to install the application again to play Pokemon GO. Simply by installing VMOS Fully Loaded, we can immediately play it.

Difference between VMOS and VMOS Fully Loaded

As explained above, the difference is very clear because Pokemon GO players are very spoiled by this feature. We do not need to bother installing manually the applications needed.  Everything we need is available.  we are no longer bothered with complicated installations and are not guaranteed to succeed

What is contained in VMOS Fully Loaded

In this VMOS all applications that we need to play Pokemon GO on VMOS are already installed. Here is a list of applications installed:

  1. Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick by The App Ninjas
  2. VFIN 1.0.2: Very useful application to bypass SafetyNet inside VMOS. VFIN is an application that works to bypass SafetyNet which can only run on VMOS environment.
  3. SafetyNet Test. Useful application to check SafetyNet status. We use SafetyNet to make sure we can log in or not
  4. ES File Explorer
  5. Pokemon GO 0.163.4
  6. Backup and Recovery: Application to backup all applications installed on VMOS.

How to Install VMOS Fully Loaded

Because this VMOS is not an official VMOS then you won’t find it on the official website. Get VMOS 1.0.47 Fully Loaded here. Steps to install VMOS 1.0.47 Fully Loaded:

  1. Navigate to the directory/folder where you save the file.
  2. Open the file and hit the install button.vmos fully loaded
  3. When Use floating window mode screen appears select Onvmos fully loaded
  4. Allow display over other apps.vmos fully loaded
  5. Wait until installation complete.

After VMOS installation completes we need to create a shortcut for all preinstalled apps to the VMOS Home screen. Here are the steps to create a shortcut manually on Android:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Select APP
  4. Select ALL app
  5. Select the app that you want to create the shortcut for.
  6. Hit Disable and re-enable it immediately.
  7. Shortcuts will be created on the Home Screen.create shortcut vmos

How to Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Fully loaded

To play Pokemon GO on this version of VMOS, the steps are almost the same as the previous VMOS. There is the addition of one application that makes it easy for us and ensures that the login is always successful without meeting Unable To Authenticate again.  Follow the steps below to play Pokemon GO:

  1. Make sure that Google Play is logged in.
  2. Open GPS Joystick (Make sure the Joystick GPS is installed as the SYSTEM APP.)
  3. Determine the location you want and press the Start button.
  4. Open SafetyNet Test and press Run Test. This stage is to check the SafetyNet status on VMOS.
  5. Minimize SafetyNet
  6. Open VFIN 1.0.2 and minimize. Only to speed up the process later.
  7. Open Pokemon GO and select a year below 2000. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in using Google Login.
  8. Select Returning Player.
  9. Before logging in, reopen VFIN 1.0.2 and do VFIN Routines:
    • Hit KILL PROCESS until “please input PID”
    • Minimize VFIN.
  10. Reopen SafetyNet and Run Test.  Basic Integrity must be a success status.
  11. Minimize SafetyNet.
  12. Reopen Pokemon Go and do the login.


There are many ways to play Pokemon GO on VMOS. From the difficult one with a very complicated method and a very easy method. With VMOS Fully loaded this makes it the easiest method especially for those who are new to VMOS. So it’s up to you which one do you think suits you.

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