VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1 Play With Your Buddy

VMOS Fully Loaded v2

VMOS Version 1.0.61 has been released today (14-14-2020. VMOS presents a new feature that has been eagerly awaited by its users. Yes, camera features have been added to this version. These Pokemon GO players can interact with buddy directly from VMOS.

VMOS Fully Loaded, of course, responds quickly to this great update of VMOS. VMOS Fully Loaded updates the VMOS base engine to the latest VMOS version of VMOS 1.0.61.

The purpose of making VMOS Fully Loaded

At first, VMOS Fully Loaded was made because the creator heard lots of complaints from VMOS users who were confused to play Pokemon GO on VMOS. They must install many applications and configure one by one. What’s more for beginner users of VMOS. They are confused and finally can not play Pokemon GO on VMOS.

Finally, the developer of VMOS Fully Loaded makes VMOS simpler, especially for beginners. All applications needed to play Pokemon GO are added to VMOS and everything is configured. Novice users only need to download and install VMOS and will be able to directly play Pokemon GO on VMOS.

What’s new on VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1

VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1 has advantages over the previous version. This version uses the latest VMOS engine, VMOS 1.0.61 and there is a new pre-installed app. The application is SafetyNet Check by SoftGuide. SafetyNet Check makes it very easy for us to run Pokemon GO on VMOS. SafetyNet Check is equipped with several excellent features that are very powerful.

SafetyNet Check provides a very informative SafetyNet checking validation so we can be sure to log in to Pokemon GO easily and always successfully. When we finish checking SafetyNet an informative message will appear.

If we do VFIN Routines correctly on the Safetynet Check application, the message “Ready to play Pokemon GO” will appear and if we make wrong VFIN Routines or fail to do so, the message “Repeat VFIN Routines” will appear. This information is very useful when we log into Pokemon Go on VMOS

VMOS Fully Loaded pre-installed apps lists

  1. WeCatch
  2. Poke Genie
  3. Pokemon GO 1 armeabi-v7a
  4. Pokemon GO 2 Samsung Galaxy versions
  5. SafetyNet Check by SoftGuide
  6. VFIN 1.0.3
  7. ES Explorer
  8. GPS Joystick

How to install VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1

Unlike previous VMOS Fully Loaded, now VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1 requires VMOS Unlocker. The developer of VMOS added an external application, VMOS Unlocker. To be able to run VMOS 1.0.61 the user must install VMOS Unlocker on their real phone and automatically VMOS is unlocked. To install VMOS Fully Loaded follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1
  2. Download and install VMOS Unlocker
  3. Install VMOS unlocker on your real phone
  4. Install VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1
  5. Done, you have VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1 installed on your Android phone.


For Pokemon GO players on VMOS who crave to be able to play with Buddy directly from VMOS, this is the best solution by installing VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1.  For ease of login, Pokemon Go has been simplified with SafetyNet check by SoftGuide







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