No VMOS Unlocker Needed – VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2

VMOS Unlocked

VMOS Unlocker first appeared in VMOS 1.0.53. Somehow the developer of VMOS provided the update. To be able to use VMOS starting from version 1.0.53 we are required to install VMOS Unlocker on our real device. If we don’t install it VMOS will be locked on the main screen.vmos unlocker unlocked

Many VMOS users complained about the difficulty of downloading VMOS Unlocker from the VMOS Official website. They also could not run VMOS because it was stuck on the VMOS Home Screen. This is because VMOS detects that VMOS Unlocker has not been installed on our real device.

Why Does VMOS Need to be Unlocked

Why do we need VMOS Unlocked version?
Many VMOS users have complained since VMOS used Unlocker to run. They have difficulty in downloading the Unlocker from the official website. Some suggest using a new VPN can download it. There are also those who still cannot even though they have used a VPN when downloading it.

Many VMOS users are also suspicious of what VMOS Unlocker really is. For users who have successfully installed the Unlocker application on real devices, they feel suspicious of the application. Because when you open the VMOS Unlocker application on their real device, you will only find a calculator application. They wondered what the calculator was for.

This makes them doubt and discourage to install the latest VMOS. They prefer previous versions of VMOS that do not require the Unlocker.

What’s New on VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2

What is VMOS Fully Loaded? VMOS Fully Loaded is a modified VMOS optimized for Pokemon GO spoofing. By using VMOS Fully Loaded VMOS users are no longer confused by the complicated installation process and application configuration. Only by installing VMOS Fully loaded can users directly spoofing Pokemon GO.

In VMOS Fully Loaded there are no assets or resources from the VMOS application that are modified at all. The VMOS Fully Loaded developer only adds the applications needed for Pokemon GO Spoofing.

As in the VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1 version, in this version it is not much different there are only minor changes to the system. But now VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2 no longer requires VMOS Unlocker to run. We no longer need to install VMOS Unlocker on our real device. VMOS Unlocked edition can skip checking the installation of VMOS Unlocker on our real device.

VMOS Fully Loaded pre-installed apps lists

  1. WeCatch
  2. Poke Genie
  3. Pokemon GO 1 armeabi-v7a
  4. Pokemon GO 2 Samsung Galaxy versions
  5. SafetyNet Check by SoftGuide
  6. VFIN 1.0.3
  7. ES Explorer
  8. GPS Joystick

How to install VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2

Unlike previous VMOS Fully Loaded, now VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2 doesn’t requires VMOS Unlocker anymore. The developer of VMOS added an external application, VMOS Unlocker. To be able to run VMOS 1.0.61 the user must install VMOS Unlocker on their real phone and automatically VMOS is unlocked. To install VMOS Fully Loaded follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2
  2. Download and install VMOS Unlocker
  3. Install VMOS unlocker on your real phone
  4. Install VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1
  5. Done, you have VMOS Fully Loaded v2.1 installed on your Android phone.

How to play Pokemon GO on VMOS Fully Loaded v.2.2

Easy Login Pokemon GO on VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2

  1. Open SafetyNet Check
  2. Enable VMOS mode
  3. Tap Check button
  4. Tap GPS Joystick Icon
  5. Set your favorite location
  6. Start GPS Joystick
  7. Back to SafetyNet Check and tap VFIN
  8. Do the VFIN Routines
    • Tap KlLL Process until “Please input PID” message appears
    • Tap Bypass Pokemon GO
  9. Back to SafetyNet Check and tap Check Button
  10. Basic Integrity result should True
    • ** Repeat the VFIN Routines (Steps 7) if Basic Integrity results giving false result.
  11. Tap PoGo Icon and wait till Logged in.


VMOS Fully Loaded v2.2 is highly recommended for VMOS users because this version is no longer bothered with VMOS Unlocker. Because it is based on VMOS 1.0.61, this version of VMOS Fully Loaded supports the use of a camera so we can play with a buddy in Pokemon GO.

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