What is VMOS PRO

VMOS is an Android emulator that can only run on Android platforms in other words you can have an Android that is inside Android. All activities that you do in VMOS will not affect your android on your smartphone. Recently the VMOS developer launched an update.

VMOS Pro is the latest version of VMOS. A very basic difference from the previous version is that VMOS Pro carries Android 7.1 as its base. While the old version of VMOS still uses an outdated version of Android 5.1. VMOS Pro keep abreast of trends in the android emulator app which currently uses an average of Android 7.1 as its ROM.

Most VMOS users are Pokemon GO players, they use VMOS because of its ease of spoofing Pokemon GO without having to ROOT their android smartphone. Can VMOS Pro answer most of the user’s wishes?

How to download VMOS PRO

VMOS Pro version is currently not available on the official VMOS website. Also not available on the Chinese version of the VMOS official website. Take it easy we already provide VMOS PRO APK. You can download VMOS PRO APK here.

What’s new in VMOS Pro

VMOS Pro is a total change from the previous version. When we install VMOS Pro we will be given 3 choices namely VMOS with Google Apps (including Google Play Service and Google Play Store), VMOS with ROOT Access, Chinese version of VMOS.  We will discuss in detail the three choices

1. VMOS Pro with Google Apps:

If you choose this when installing VMOS PRO you will get VMOS with pre-installed Google Apps. This means Google Play Service and Google Play Store have been installed automatically. We no longer need to install it manually.  This version uses Android 7.1 as the system.  In this version, we don’t get ROOT access.

2. VMOS Pro with Root Access

If you select this when installing VMOS you will get ROOT access by default. But in this version Google Apps is not installed, this means there is no Google Play Store and is not suitable for playing Pokemon GO. Because Pokemon GO requires Google Play Services and certainly does not support ROOT-ed android.  In this version VMOS still uses Android 5.1.

3. Original VMOS Pro Chinese version

This version is the original version of VMOS with Android 7.1 and without Google Apps. This version probably has no hope of being able to play Pokemon Go. This version is a version that is specifically for users who come from China

How to install VMOS PRO

Because VMOS Pro is still in the Chinese version, we provide a guide to install it. Follow the steps below to install it.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded VMOS PRO APK from the link listed above.
  2. Execute the APK file
  3. Select Install.
  4. Tap the right button
  5. Select the ROM you want, as explained above there are 3 choices you can choose.
  6. Wait for the ROM download process to complete
  7. Wait for the ROM installation process to complete
  8. Allow the Draw Over other app  

For more details, you can watch this video tutorial.


Can VMOS Pro play Pokemon Go

The android emulator app team has tested the latest VMOS Pro, conducted several trials to play Pokemon GO on VMOS Pro. The result … for now VMOS Pro hasn’t been able to play Pokemon GO. This is constrained by the detection of VMOS Pro ROMs as a custom ROOM and we need additional applications to be able to bypass SafetyNet like VFIN.

Currently, we can only wait and hope that VMOS Dev can develop VMOS Pro to be able to play Pokemon GO later. At least at this time, VMOS Dev has really worked hard to develop VMOS to be the only Android 7.1 emulator that can run on an Android smartphone


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