VMOS Unlocked Edition No VMOS Unlocker Needed

What is VMOS Unlocked Edition

On February 16, VMOS launched VMOS 1.0.53, for those who are still using VMOS 1.0.52 a notification will appear to update to version 1.0.53 but this update is not yet a force update. So we can still ignore it and still use VMOS version 1.0.52.

In VMOS 1.0.53 we are required to install VMOS Unlocker to be able to operate VMOS. When finished installing VMOS a notification to download VMOS Unlocker appears and requires us to download and install it on our Real Phone.  After we install VMOS Unlocker on our Real Phone, we will automatically be able to access VMOS.

So what is VMOS Unlocked Edition? VMOS Unlocked edition is VMOS 1.0.53 (the latest VMOS) which has been modified so that we don’t need to install VMOS Unlocker on our Real Phone.

What is VMOS Unlocker

At present we don’t know what the actual function of VMOS Unlocker is. Is VMOS Unlocker dangerous for our smartphones or is it safe? Why the previous versions do not need an unlocker. At this time we don’t have enough information about this.

Why we need VMOS Unlocked Edition

Because in our opinion VMOS 1.0.53 there are no new features or the same as VMOS version 1.0.52. Even with 1.0.53 users are bothered with having to install VMOS Unlocker. Then we need to install VMOS Unlocked Edition.

What inside VMOS Unlocked Edition

Basically VMOS Unlocked Edition is a fully loaded VMOS that has been unlocked so that all pre-installed apps are the same as VMOS Fully Loaded version 1.0.53. Following are the applications that have been installed in VMOS:

  1. Pokemon GO 1 (Pokémon GO 0.167.1 Samsung Galaxy Apps version)
  2. Pokemon GO 2 (Pokémon GO 0.167.1 armeabi-v7a)
  3. ES Explorer
  4. SafetyNet Checker: Very useful tool to ensure the status of SafetyNet is ready to login Pokemon GO. SafetyNet Checker receives a response from the Google Play Services server to inform you about your device. We need the Success value in Basic Integrity
  5. VFIN 1.0.2: Very useful tool for bypassing SafetyNet. Because by default the VMOS ROM is a custom ROM, the Basic Integrity value is Failed. With the latest VFIN we can make the results of checking Basic Integrity a Success.
  6. WeCatch: WeCatch is a free application that is useful as a Pokemon GO radar. WeCatch collects data in the form of Pokemon coordinates around the world.
  7. GPS Joysticks: The best android application for spoofing Pokemon GO.
  8. NOVA Launcher: The smoothest android launcher.

VMOS Unlocked Edition System Requirements

Because VMOS 1.0.53 Unlocked Edition is also VMOS Fully Loaded, it requires rather high resources especially if we want to play multiple accounts.

VMOS Minimum System Requirements

  • More than 5 GB Free Internal storage
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 or Higher

VMOS Recommended System Requirements

  • More than 5 GB Free Internal storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 or Higher

VMOS Multi-Account Recommended System Requirements

  • More than 10 GB Free Internal storage
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 or Higher

How to install VMOS Unlocked Edition

  • Download the VMOS Unlocked Version.
  • Open File Explorer
  • Navigate to download directory
  • Select the downloaded file.
  • Install

All applications needed to play Pokemon GO on VMOS have been pre-installed and pre-configured, we don’t need to do anything after the VMOS installation is complete. To play Pokemon GO on this version of VMOS we only need to do VFIN Routines before running Pokemon GO.

How To Play Pokemon GO On VMOS

  1. Open GPS Joystick
  2. Determine your favorite location and Start GPS Joystick.
  3. Open SafetyNet Helper
  5. Open VFIN (don’t do anything yet)
  6. Open Pokemon GO
  7. Re-open VFIN and do the VFIN Routines
    • Hit Kill Process until “Please input PID” appears
  8. Re-open Pokemon GO
  9. Select Google Login
  10. Select your first google account

If you want to try playing 2 Pokemon Go accounts simultaneously you can follow the steps in this article or you can watch the video below





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