VFIN v3 is What We Need

VFIN v3 Update on VMOS?

VFIN is a useful application for bypassing SafetyNet on the VMOS environment. VFIN can only run on VMOS and cannot run other than in VMOS Environment. VFIN is very useful for spoofing Pokemon GO on VMOS. VFIN is the only tool that can make Pokemon Go log in to VMOS Environment.

VFIN is a tool that must be run when we want to play Pokemon GO on VMOS. We need to do VFIN Routines every time we want to play Pokemon GO on VMOS. If we don’t do VFIN Routines we will get an Unable To Authenticate message

What causes Pokemon Go can not log in VMOS

After the server update on March 6, 2020 all VMOS users complained of not being able to log in on VMOS. There are 2 conditions experienced by VMOS users. First is This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokémon GO and the second is Unable To Authenticate. Both of these conditions occur because Google is updating its SafetyNet API and this has a huge impact on VMOS users.

VMOS or VFIN that needs to be updated?

According to the results of the analysis that was affected is actually not VMOS, but VFIN. Because the SafetyNet API update is very influential on the activities carried out by VFIN on VMOS environment. So what needs to be updated is not VMOS but VFIN.

The SafetyNet API security update has such a huge impact on VFIN that all VMOS users can no longer play Pokemon GO. They can no longer spoof Pokemon GO like before.

How does VFIN bypass SafetyNet?

What exactly does VFIN do? According to observations of VFIN version 1.0.2 bypassing SafetyNet by stopping the Google Play Service process. When we tap the KlLL Process VFIN button, look for the Process ID from the Google Play Service (com.google.android.gms.unstable) and stop the process. And after that, when we tap the BYPASS POKEMON GO button, VFIN injects some script (we don’t know what the script actually is and what the script uses). More details about what VFIN is doing VFIN is in the screenshot below

VFIN v3 1.0.3 vmos updatevfin v3 1.0.3 inject

When will VFIN v3 be released?

We don’t know when VFIN v3 / VFIN 1.0.3 will be released. Because developers from VFIN haven’t responded to it yet. We have tried contacting via Telegram and youtube channel from VFIN developer, but the result is still nothing. We can only hope that VFIN developers will immediately respond and update VFIN v3 soon.


We can only wait and hope that VFIN developers respond immediately and update VFIN to VFIN v3. And if there is an Android developer who might be able to make an application similar to VFIN, it can make a reference from what I have mentioned above about How does VFIN bypass SafetyNet? Maybe that can give a little hint to make a similar application.


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