How To Get PGSharp Free Beta Key 2020

PGSHarp Free Beta Key

PGSharp is a spoofing application that is highly recommended for android at this time. By using PGSharp we don’t need to ROOT our smartphone, and don’t need to install other supporting applications. Simply by installing the latest version of PGSharp, you will be able to spoof Pokemon go.

To be able to use PGSharp we need the PGSharp Key. There are two kinds of PGSharp key, namely PGSharp Free Beta Key and PGSharp Standard Key.

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PGSharp Free Beta Key

PGSharp Free Beta Key is a Trial key given by PGSharp dev to try their applications. The trial version of PGSharp is limited to 1 device and active for 7 (it was 30 days in early access). PGSharp Free Beta Key can’t be used on multiple devices.

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PGSharp Standart Edition

PGSharp Standard Edition is a paid version of PGSharp by paying 5 $ we get an activation key that can be used to activate PGSharp for 2 devices and is valid for 30 days.  There are no additional features in the standard edition, the difference between the Trial version and the Standard Edition version is the active period and the device limitations

How To Get PGSharp Free Beta Key

To get it is not easy we have to wait for PGSharp dev to open their service and we must immediately register or claim the key. Many people try to get the PGSharp Free Beta key but they always fail. To get it required a special trick, here’s how to get the PGSharp Free Beta Key:

How To Always Get PGSharp Free Beta Key Guarantee 100%

  • Download and install Opera Browser. (We recommend using Opera Browser because in Opera there is a VPN feature without us having to install anything)
  • Open Opera Browser and use Private mode.
  • Install the Auto Refresh extensions tab by getting Extension.
  • By default, all extensions will not be active in Private Mode. We need to enable the Auto Refresh Tab in private mode. Follow these steps:
    • Click Opera Icon on the Top Left of Opera Browser
    • Select Extensions – Extensions
    • Search for Tab Auto Refresh and tick Allow in incognito
  • Back to Opera Browser Private Mode
  • Click Tab Auto Refresh Icon on the top right of Opera Browser.pgsharp free beta key
  • Configure the Tab Auto Fresh as shown below.pgsharp free beta key
  • Open the Free PGSharp Beta Key registration page and activate the Auto Refresh Tab
  • After everything is ready, all we can do now is wait for the page to turn into a checkout page. And as soon as possible complete the registration process to get the Free PGSharp Beta Key.

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What do we do after getting the PGSharp Beta Key?

After we successfully get the Free PGSharp Beta Key, we must immediately activate it in the PGSharp application.

  • Login to PGSharp Client Area.
  • Select Service on the PGSharp Client dashboardpgsharp free beta key activation
  • Copy activation key to your PGSharp apppgsharp free beta key
  • Open PGSharp app
  • Tap on the Settings menupgsharp settings
  • The Settings dialog will popped-up
  • Tap Activate Buttonpgsharp free beta key activation
  • Paste the Trial key and tap OK
  • Done you are ready to spoof Pokemon Go.
PGSharp Free KeyDate Created

The video version of this tutorial can be found in the video below

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