PGSharp Experiencing High Load 2021| PGSharp Error

PGSharp experiencing high load

pgsharp experiencing high load fix

Since some time ago PGSharp no longer provides this PGSharp Beta version, which has now changed to PGSharp FREE, Yes PGSharp provides a FREE version which is completely free. This means we no longer need the PGSharp Key anymore to be able to use PGSharp FREE.

Due to the free version of PGSharp, the PGSharp developers also limit the number or access of free users to their servers to maintain the stability of paid users.


Why do we get PGSharp experiencing high load.

pgsharp experiencing high load

PGSharp experiencing high load occurs because the server ran out of slots for free users (PGSharp server prioritizes paid users, this is understandable). When slots are available for free users, new users who will use PGSharp or login Pokemon Go using PGSharp will be in waiting for status for free slots. Usually, there is an explanation of how many minutes we have to wait for the free slot.

When does PGSharp experiencing high load it often happens.

PGSharp Experiencing High Load will often occur when there is a Pokemon GO Event and Pokemon GO Community Day, there will be many PGSharp Free users who use PGSharp and this will most likely happen.

How to solve PGSharp experiencing high load

When you experience this all you can do is wait for the free slot to be available again and as soon as possible you have to log back in to get the free slot.  If this happens during community day then this is a bit difficult to do because you will be fighting for slots with other free users who are also waiting for free slots.

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