PGSHARP Best Pokemon GO joystick app NO ROOT April 2020

PGSHARP Best Pokemon GO Joystick Spoofing NO ROOT

What is PGSharp


PGSharp is a modded Pokemon GO app that has the Pokemon GO Joystick app installed. PGSharp 1.0.2 is a modification of Pokemon GO 0.171.4 (updated April 11, 2020). Only by installing it we will be able to directly spoofing Pokemon GO. We no longer need to install other supporting applications. In other words install and run. PGSharp is similar to iSpoofer and iPogo which runs on iPhone (iOS), but PGSharp runs on Android.

PGSharp Features

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PGSharp only has a few features unlike the iSpoofer on the iPhone which has many very sophisticated features. Here are some features of PGSharp

  1. Embedded Fake GPS Joystick app Fake GPS Location has been installed (embedded) we do not need to install it again.
  2. Auto Walk (still under development, bugs may appear) Autowalk is a very useful feature for hatching eggs in Pokemon GO. This feature allows our characters to run automatically without us having to move the joystick. However, this feature is still under development and there are still bugs.
  3. Custom walking speed A feature that allows us to adjust the walking speed of our character when we move the Pokemon GO Joystick.
  4. Teleport Only by selecting the location on the map is available and you can already move (teleport) to the location you want
  5. Location selector based on the map.


PGSharp Requirement

To be able to play Pokemon GO with PGSharp, make sure you have a Pokemon GO PTC account. Because PGSharp can only be used with PTC Accounts. You will not be able to login using Google Login. And it’s best if you want to try using PGSharp you should use an alternative account. Don’t use your main account.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • NO ROOT required: You don’t need a ROOT-ed Android smartphone.
  • Pre-installed Pokemon GO Joystick app.
  • No need to install any application


  • Only work on PTC account

How To Install PGSharp

To install it is very easy enough to download PGSharp APK from the official PGSharp website and install the apk so you can spoof Pokemon GO.

Troubleshooting or PGSharp Common error

  • Too many device activated: Because this is a beta version, the number of users who can log in is limited, we can’t do anything but just wait. Because this is managed by the server.
  • Too many people using beta version key: Same as above because this is still beta.
  • Unable to sign in or Unsupported Operating System or The device, OS or software is not compatible error: Same as above because this is still beta the server need to upgrade.
  • Please activate before sign in: Sometimes just by close Pokemon Go APP and re-run the Pokemon GO app the problem can be solved. But actually this is the beta server security in order to control the number of testers. The pre-installed license only allows some users to participate in the beta testing so as not to overload the server and it’s overused at the moment. We’re really sorry about this and we’ve been working on expanding the server to support more testers.
  • App Not installed / Unable to install PGSharp: Uninstall Original Pokemon Go app, install PGSharp.


For now PGSHARP is the only application that allows us to spoof Pokemon GO on an android smartphone without ROOT. PGSHARP is The Best Pokemon GO joystick app for non-rooted Android smartphones.




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