Pokemon GO Nox 2021, Best Android Emulator For Spoofing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Nox 2021

Some time ago we discussed how to play Pokemon Go on PC using the NOX App Player. But at that time (NOX version 6) it was very unstable to play Pokemon GO on PC. Now NOX App Player 7 is here and the good news is NOX 7 is now stable enough to play Pokemon Go on PC.

Pokemon GO NOX 2021 is one that people often look for because NOX is one of the best Android Emulator App. NOX has very interesting features.

How to play Pokemon GO Nox 2021

To be able to play Pokemon GO on PC using the NOX App Player, of course, we need the NOX App Player, and keep in mind that we cannot use the Official Pokemon Go app on the Play Store.

We need PGSharp, so only by using PGSharp we will be able to play Pokemon GO PC. But don’t be too happy first because by default you won’t be able to log in to Pokemon GO even if you use PGSharp. Follow the steps below so you can play Pokemon GO Nox 2021.

Install NOX App Player 7

  1. Download NOX App Player 7 (NOX Latest version).
  2. Open NOX App Player 7 setup file.                                                               pokemon go nox 2021
  3. Specify an installation directory or folder
  4. Hit the install button.
  5. Wait until the NOX installation is complete
  6. Close the NOX Installation windows without running the NOX.           pokemon go nox 2021
  7. Run NOX Multi-Drive you can find it on desktop shortcut or start menu.pokemon go nox 2021
  8. Delete the default image in the list (NOX App player with Android 7) pokemon go nox 2021
  9. Create Android 5 image.                                                                                  pokemon go nox 2021pokemon go nox 2021
  10. Run the new Android 5 Image.
  11. Once the Android 5 booted, download the latest version of PGSharp from the official PGSharp website.
  12. Install PGSharp.

Video version of this tutorial can be found Pokemon GO Nox 2021

What needs to be considered to Play Pokemon GO NOX 2021

There are several things that need to be considered when playing Pokemon GO on PC using NOX. Many of the spoofer players don’t pay attention to the rules of Pokemon Go spoofing. Usually they are too excited when spoofing the first time. And don’t know the rules that must be obeyed to be safe in spoofing.

  1. Always Respect Cooldown
    What is Cooldown? Cooldown is the time you need to wait for a penalty after you teleport.  After we catch Pokemon GO at a location or spin a Pokestop and we want to catch another Pokemon at a remote location (teleport) then we need to wait for a few minutes to 2 hours (maximum cooldown). If we violate it, we will be exposed to softban.
  2. Soft Ban
    Soft Ban is a condition where we can’t catch a Pokemon at all, every time we try to catch a Pokemon, the Pokemon will be Fleed. Apart from that we also cannot spin Pokestops. All the Pokestops we try to spin won’t drop any items at all.
  3. Pokemon GO Cooldown Chart
    The following is a cooldown chart that you must comply with when spoofing. pokemon go spoofing android 10 no root cooldown timer


To be able to play Pokemon Go on PC there are 2 main components, NOX App Player version 7 and PGSharp. and we can’t use NOX App Player 7 with Android 7 Image (default). We have to delete it and create the Android 5 image.

Before spoofing or teleporting to a location very far from where you last played Pokemon GO, you must rest your account for 2 hours to avoid cooldown. If not then you will be in a Soft Ban condition, where you cannot catch Pokemon at all and this can lead you to a permanent tire. So spoof wisely and follow the rules and you will be safe

Happy Spofing Pokemon GO and Let’s Catch Them All. And see you in the next tutorial.




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