How To Get PGSharp Free Beta Code Easily 2020 | Daily Update

PGSharp Free Beta Code

Before we discuss how to get PGSharp Free Beta Code, we will first discuss what PGSharp is. PGSharp is a Pokemon GO Mod application, wherein PGSharp there is a Pokemon Go Joystick app. Thus we no longer need additional third-party applications such as Fake GPS Joystick, FGL Pro, and similar applications.

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PGSharp can run on non-rooted android. This is the reason the Pokemon GO Spoofer is getting PGSharp more like because they don’t need to root their android smartphone. After the glory of VMOS ended with VFIN not working in VMOS anymore, then PGSharp is the only alternative to VMOS for those who don’t want to root their Android smartphone.

What is PGSharp Key?

To be able to use or activate PGSharp you need a PGSharp Key. PGSharp key is a code that we can get for free or paid directly from the official PGSharp website. There are 2 kinds of PGSharp keys, namely free ones (PGSharp Free Beta Key) and paid ones (PGSharp Standard Key).

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PGSharp Free Beta Key

To get PGSharp Free Beta Key is not easy, we have to compete with tens or even hundreds of people to get it. In addition, the difficulty is added because the opening time of the PGSharp Free Beta Key service is very limited and random. The time to register the PGSharp Free Beta Key is only less than 2 minutes, making it very difficult for us to get the PGSharp Free Beta Key.

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How To get PGSharp Free Beta Key

So how do we get the PGSharp Free Beta Key easily? Relax we have created a tool (Telegram BOT) that makes it easier for us to get PGSharp Keys. With this Telegram Bot, it will be very easy to get a PGSharp Key. We only need to get the 8 digit code then we send the 8 digit code to our BOT. Then BOT will quickly respond with a complete PGSharp Key. We don’t have to bother creating accounts and filling in data. Everything has been done by BOT. Follow the steps below to get the PGSharp Free Beta Key easily

  • You must have a Telegram account to be able to access SoftGuideBot. If you don’t have one you can follow this tutorial
  • Search for SoftGuideBot on the Top-Right.
  • Select SoftGuideBot.
  • Press the Start button on the bottom. The Bot will start receiving your command.
  • Send /key [8DigitKey] to the BOT. As example /key 12345678. Don’t worry, we provide 10 PGSharp Keys which are updated every day which you can find at the end of this article.
  • BOT will reply instantly with a complete code that you can use to activate PGSharp.

pgsharp free beta code key softguide bot

for video tutorial you can watch the video below

Available SoftGuideBot Command

  • /key – To generate complete PGSharp Beta Key. ex: /key BFA90BA5
  • /stock – To get available PGSharp Beta Key stock.
  • /where – To find the location of the free PGSharp key.
  • /extra – The extra command is not activated at any time, if this command is active you can get the location of the key and which 3 digit key clue that has not been claimed by others.  This command makes it very easy for us because we will immediately be given very accurate instructions where the free key is. But unfortunately, we can’t access this command at any time.

pgsharp free beta code key softguide bot

Daily update PGSharp Free Beta Key

Below is a list of PGSharp Free Codes which is updated every day, we provide at least 10 keys every day (sometimes maybe more).

PGSharp Free KeyDate Created

To get the complete code, you need to send the 8digit code to our telegram
commend to get the complete code
/key command
for example
/key C907C738
the bot will reply with the complete code instantly if it’s not claimed by someone else. you can always try another code if the code already claimed by someone. and you can only claim 1 code/day. Good Luck

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