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PGO Feed

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PGO Feed Ditto Finder

PGO Feed is a Pokemon Live Feed Coordinate application that provides data in the form of Pokemon go coordinate spawns around the world. With this application we can easily get the Pokemon we want. All feeds in this application is a real time.

PGO Feed is a crowdsource Pokemon GO Live Map application. Collecting data on the emergence of Pokemon go around the world from discord, twitter and other sources. Due to using crowd source, not all results or data that appear on this application are 100% accurate. Some data are sometimes inaccurate.

PGO Feed Features

Basically PGOFeed has 5 features

  1. IV100 Feed

    IV100 Feed provides all Pokemon data with IV 100%. Not only that, we can also set the minimum IV Pokemon that we will display.

  2. Ditto Finder

    This feature displays the location of DITTO, the accuracy of the data on this feature is very high, so it is almost certain that the location of the DITTO that appears on this list is 100% correct.

  3. Raid & Ex Raid

    Displays all active Raid and Ex Raid data around the world along with weather boost information

  4. Rare Candy

    If we want to hunt Rare candy, this feature is very useful because it displays the results of the location of rare Pokemons for us to pick up the candy

  5. Nest

    Displays the location of all nesting Pokemon, usually every few days displaying nest migration. When the nest migration takes place, usually the data will be empty waiting for the nest migration process to end.

How To Install PGO Feed

In the previous article, we discussed how to find Ditto very easily through this article. Yes, in that article we have presented the Ditto Coordinates, but sometimes the updates are not fast enough. So we recommend using this application for more accuracy.

PGO Feed is available on the Play Store, simply by typing PGO Feed on the Play Store, you will be able to install it immediately.

  1. Open your Play Store on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Search for “PGO Feed” on the search box (without quote).
  3. pgo feed
  4. Tap install button
  5. Wait until installation complete
  6. Done. Now you can catch or find Ditto easily with PGO Feed.

How to find Ditto with PGO Feed

The thing you should know before catching DITTO is that you have to make sure you don’t log in or play POKEMON GO for at least 2 hours. Because if you break this rule you will be in Softban condition. Softban is a condition where you will not be able to catch any Pokemon (all the pokemon that you catch will run away) and cannot rotate the Pokestop (Pokestop will not show drop items when you spin it).

  1. Open PGO Feed
  2. Select DITTO menu (Ditto Icon on the bottom navigation).pgo feed ditto finder
  3. Wait the application fetching the data.
  4. A Ditto coordinate will appears in the list. If no result for the query you need to refresh the DITTO, just repeat from step two.
  5. Once Ditto appear in the list just tap the copy button in the Ditto item list to copy the Ditto coordinate.
  6. Teleport to the location using your Spoofing app (PGSharp, GPS Joystick or other Pokemon Go Spoofing Tools).
  7. Wait until a Pokemon spawn right on your feets. ( Pokemon that isn’t Ditto. Ditto is always disguising himself as another Pokemon, so catch whatever is right under your feet).
  8. Once you success capturing the Pokemon an animation will shown. an OH? . Now the Pokemon that you captured will transform into Ditto.
  9. Congratulations on your catching Ditto.

Here’s the video version on how to catch Ditto Pokemon Go

If you follow the rules regarding softban, in just 1 minute you can complete the Ditto Research Task without any problems.


To be able to get DITTO you have to not be in SoftBan condition. For that, make sure you don’t play Pokemon GO for at least 2 hours before spoofing or catching Ditto. If not, you will find the Pokemon that you catch will run away and this will be very disappointing. Please also note that all Pokemon Go Spoofing activities have a risk of being banned from Niantic. So spoof wisely.


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