PGSharp Pokemon GO PC 2021 The Best Method

PGSharp Pokemon GO PC 2021

PGSharp Pokemon Go pc is the only way to play Pokemon GO on PC or Laptop. The official Pokemon GO application does not support playing Pokemon GO on PC due to security issues (SafetyNet). So what do we need to play PGSharp Pokemon GO PC?

Before discussing how to play Pokemon GO on PC, we will first discuss what PGSharp is. PGSharp is a modification of Pokemon GO in which there is already a GPS Joystick to facilitate Pokemon GO spoofing. In addition, PGSharp is also equipped with various interesting and very cool features to support Pokemon GO spoofing.

Download PGSharp Pokemon GO

Keep in mind to always download the latest version of PGSharp because PGSharp always follows updates from the official Pokemon Go and PGSharp that is out of date usually cannot be used anymore. So always make sure to download PGSharp from the official PGSharp website.

Best Android Emulator For PGSharp

To be able to play Pokemon Go on PC we need an android emulator and of course PGSharp because with the official Pokemon Go application it is not possible. Then which emulator is the most stable and has the least amount of issues?

We have tried almost all android emulators currently available, from Bluestacks, MuMu App Player, NOX app player, LD Player, MeMu Play, and many more emulators that we tried. However, LD Player is what we think is very stable and minimal issues to play PGSharp Pokemon Go PC 2021.

How To Play Pokemon GO on PC

There are 3 important components to be able to play Pokemon Go on PC 2021. First we have to use PGSharp (don’t ever use the official Pokemon GO app). The second Android Emulator in this case as we have mentioned we use LD Player. The third PGSharp does not support Google Accounts and only supports Pokemon Trainer Accounts and Facebook Accounts so make sure you have one.

Download PGSharp Latest Version

PGSharp is always updated following updates from the official Pokemon Go. So you have to make sure to download the latest PGSharp or PGSharp Beta version to be able to play Pokemon Go on PC. Never download outdated PGSharp.

Download LD Player

As mentioned above, LD Player is a very good choice for playing Pokemon Go on PC because of its stability and compatibility even though there are some drawbacks.

There are 2 versions of LD Player, LD Player 3 (Android 5.1) and LD Player 4 (Android 7.1). Only LD Player 3 can play PGSharp Pokemon GO PC 2021. So make sure you download LD Player 3 otherwise you won’t be able to play Pokemon GO on PC.

after you have successfully downloaded LD Player and PGSharp drag PGSharp Apk directly to LD Player and you will be able to play Pokemon Go on PC, don’t forget to use Facebook Acc or Pokemon Trainer Club Account

PGSharp Pokemon GO Update

If Pokemon Go officially launches a force update, inevitably we have to update PGSharp which has been installed on LD Player too. You can’t update PGSharp directly from the Play Store because PGSharp is not an official application.

To be able to update PGSharp we have to re-download the latest version of PGSharp and install it again, we can overwrite the existing installation to maintain the existing configuration or can do a fresh install by first uninstalling the old version of PGSharp installed on LD Player.


Currently, LD Player is what we highly recommend if you want to play PGSharp Pokemon Go PC 2021, because of its stability and compatibility. We hardly ever experienced PGSharp Pokemon Go Force Closed when using LD Player to play Pokemon Go on PC.

Spoof wisely and avoid getting a soft ban by always respecting the cooldown so that your account is safe from ban. Do not teleport too often with a very long distance (different countries) in 1 day.

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