The Best Pokemon GO Joystick No Root 2021

Pokemon GO Joystick No Root 2021

Who doesn’t want to play Pokemon Go from the couch, without moving from your seat. For that we need an application that allows us to spoof Pokemon GO. Many applications on the Google Play Store such as Fake GPS, GPS Joystick, Mock Location, but these applications on Android versions after Android 6 are not possible because Google Security Patch does not allow it.

So what is the best Pokemon GO Joystick No Root app 2021? There are 2 methods for spoofing Pokemon GO, namely by rooting and without rooting your android. In this article, we will discuss the first method, namely Pokemon GO Joystick No Root. This method uses PGSharp, yes, only PGSharp allows us to spoof Pokemon Go without having to root our Android smartphone. 

pokemon go joystick no root 2021 pgsharp


PGSharp The Best Pokemon GO Joystick No Root App

PGSharp is a modification of the Pokemon GO app that already has a GPS Joystick in it so we don’t need any additional apps for Pokemon GO spoofing. This is very easy for us in Pokemon GO spoofing. In PGSharp there are various features that make it very easy to play Pokemon GO.

Until now PGSharp is the only application that allows us to spoof Pokemon GO without having to root our android smartphone. There are 2 types of PGSharp, PGSharp FREE and PGSharp Standard. 

PGSharp Free is completely free with very basic features for Pokemon GO spoofing, such as teleport, Pokemon GO Joystick No Root, Neary Pokemon, Pokemon Sniping Tools, IV100 Feed and many more. That’s why PGSharp is the best Pokemon GO Joystick No Root 2021.

How To Download and Install PGSharp

PGSharp Download

To be able to download the latest PGSharp you can go directly to the official PGSharp download page. You have to make sure to download the latest version of PGSharp.

pokemon go joystick no root 2021 pgsharp free

Install PGSharp

After you download the updated PGSharp you can directly install it. If there is a problem when installing it, you can try the solutions below.

PGSharp Error and How to Fix it.

There are several errors that are often encountered in PGSharp. Here are some of the most common errors and how to fix them.

Unable to Install PGSharp or PGSharp App not installed

This is a problem that PGSharp users often encounter. There are 2 possible causes of being Unable to Install PGSharp.

  1. Not Enough free space on your Internal Storage
    Although PGSharp is usually in the range of 230 to 250MByte when installed it requires around 600MByte. You can’t just provide 600MByte of space for PGSharp, make sure you give free space of around 2GB to 3GB of free storage space before installing PGSharp.

  2. Official Pokemon GO app already installed on your phone
    PGSharp and the official Pokemon GO app cannot be installed simultaneously. If the official Pokemon Go app has been installed you have to uninstall it first before installing PGSharp.

Make sure before installing PGSharp you have done the two things above to prevent the PGSharp app from being installed.

PGSharp GPS Signal not found (11)

PGSharp GPS Signal not found (11) usually occurs when we first run PGSharp. This happens because PGSharp was unable to load the coordinates from the PGSharp config. Simply by moving the GPS Joystick that is on PGSharp.

PGSharp Unable to Sign In Via Facebook / Google

From the official PGSharp website, it has been stated that until now “PGSharp Incompatible with Google account”, yes it is true that we cannot login using our Google account directly to PGSharp. However, there is a trick that allows us to continue to use our Google account by binding it to Facebook.

Follow the tutorial in the video below to be able to login PGSharp using a Google Account ( PGSharp Google Login Trick )

PGSharp Experiencing High Load

PGSharp Experiencing High Load will often occur when there is a Pokemon GO Event and Pokemon GO Community Day, there will be many PGSharp Free users who use PGSharp and this will most likely happen.

When you experience this all you can do is wait for the free slot to be available again and as soon as possible you have to log back in to get the free slot.  If this happens during community day then this is a bit difficult to do because you will be fighting for slots with other free users who are also waiting for free slots.

PGSharp Pokemon GO Joystick is Missing

Sometimes we accidentally move the PGSharp Joystick to an invisible position or we even accidentally hide it. This often makes us confused about where our Pokemon Go Joystick no root is. To overcome this is quite easy, you just need to open Settings and just press the Reset UI button then the Pokemon Go Joystick no root will reappear. 


Be wise in Pokemon GO spoofing because all Pokemon GO spoofing activities have the opportunity to get banned. Before spoofing make sure you have rested your account for at least 2 hours to avoid SoftBan. PGSharp is the only Pokemon GO android spoofing application without having to root our smartphone. This is what makes PGSharp the best Pokemon GO Joystick No Root 2021.





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