Play Call Of Duty Mobile On PC

Play Call Of Duty Mobile On PC

A few days ago Activision has stated that Call of Duty Mobile has been released after the Closed Beta period has ended. And many users are asking whether they can play Call of Duty Mobile on a PC? Once the hypnotic Call of Duty Mobile in just a few days already 20 million downloads. In the Play Store alone there have been recorded 1 million downloads.

What kind of game is Call Of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision for iOS and Android. But for the mobile version of Call of Duty, there is a mode that is most in-demand right now, namely Battle Royale. The most popular game mode now since the emergence of Player Unknown BattleGround.

All Game Modes in Call Of Duty Mobile On PC


In multiplayer there are 5 game modes:

  •  Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch: The aim of the game mode is to kill everyone on the opposing team, and the winner is the team that reaches a point limit, or if time runs out, has the most points. A draw can also occur if two teams have the same kill count or score by the time the game mode ends.
  • Domination: is to own all of the control points on the map. There are usually at least three of these control points scattered around the map and are usually found in key strategic locations. To capture a control point, a player must stand near it for 10 seconds with no enemies nearby to capture it for the player’s team.
  • Frontline: everyone on one team always spawns on one side of a map or the base. At the base, the team that owns the base gets an armor bonus for a limited time after they spawn while being at their base. It is important to utilize teamwork and push engagements into the middle of the map, and if possible spawn traps the enemy by killing them in areas where they are exposed as soon as they leave their base’s borders, as the enemy team can do the same should they get a successful rush.
  • Hardpoint: The teams must rush to secure a “hardpoint” on the map and repel the area from the enemies. Holding the hardpoint increases the teams’ score, but if no players are in the hardpoint, no points are gained. It is similar to Headquarters, but respawning is always enabled, even if the player’s team is holding the hardpoint. The Hardpoint switches to different set rotational positions on the map several times during the match. A point is granted every second a single team is present in the Hardpoint.

Battle Royale

Similarly to Blackout, this game mode will involve the following modes:

  • Solos
  • Duos
  • Quads


How to play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC

Event’s a mobile game but many PC users want to play it too. To be able to play Call of Duty Mobile on a PC, we need an Android emulator. Here I suggest using Game Loop because this is the official emulator of Tencent as the developer of Call of Duty Mobile.

System requirements

  • Intel or AMD CPU Processor like x86 or x86_64.
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP XP3.
  • Required Windows DirectX 11 or Graphic driver with OpenGL 2.0.
  • Minimum 4GB of system memory (RAM)
  • Minimum 5GB free hard disk space.

What do you need to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC?

  1. LD Player 3.73 ( Must be this versions )
  2. ES File Explorer or other file explorers.
  3. Call Of Duty Mobile File and Data v1.6.8

Steps by step installing Call of Duty Mobile on PC

Downgrade Game Loop to Tencent Gaming Buddy to Game

  1. Install LD Player 3.73

  2. Install ES File Explorer on LD Player.
  3. Install Call Of Duty Mobile file. After installation complete don’t OPEN it, just click DONE.
  4. Extract Call of Duty Mobile data to /sdcard/Android/obb. If obb directory doesn’t exist you can create it.

    Play Call Of Duty Mobile On PC

  5. Run Call of Duty Mobile.

for a more detailed guide you can follow this video tutorial.

Some problems that are often encountered when playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC

Call of Duty Mobile Black Screen Stuck

Call of Duty Mobile Black Screen incident usually occurs because we install from an outdated apk. So to fix this download directly from the Call of Duty mobile from Play Store.

Call of Duty Mobile Force Closed.

On some android emulators force close often occurs when entering into the game. This possibility happened because Call of Duty Mobile detected us playing on an android emulator. So far the emulator that can play Call of Duty Mobile smoothly is Tencent Gaming Buddy or now renamed the Game Loop. So I suggest playing it using Game Loop.

Call of Duty Mobile No Garena Login

When the login screen and you do not find the login option using the Garena account, then you might download the wrong file or wrong region. The most stable version at this time is v1.6.8.

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