Downgrade Game Loop To Tencent Gaming Buddy

How To Downgrade Game Loop To Tencent Gaming Buddy?

What is Game Loop?

Some time ago on the official website of Tencent Gaming Buddy announced their engine update. There Tencent Gaming Buddy changed its name to Game Loop. Although still with a different engine, TGB UI is replaced by Game Loop UI.

So what is Game Loop? Game Loop is an android emulator developed by Tencent which was originally named Tencent Gaming Buddy.  With Tencent Gaming Buddy being changed to Game Loop, there are also additional features that Tencent Gaming Buddy users don’t like. The new feature is the Anti-Cheat System that preventing users to use any cheat application for any game in Game Loop.

Step By Step Downgrade Game Loop

To downgrade the Game Loop to become a Tencent Gaming Buddy, you need a TGB UI Files. TGB UI Files are UI files from Tencent Gaming Budy. With these files, we will be able to return the Game Loop display back to the Tencent Gaming Buddy view again.

Make sure you already have the files so we can start the Game Loop downgrade process to Tencent Gaming Buddy. Here are the steps:

Video Tutorial How To Downgrade Game Loop To TGB

  1. Type SERVICES.MSC in Windows 10 Search Box.
    downgrade game loop
  2. Find QMEmulatorService and click the STOP button.
    downgrade game loop QEmulatorService
  3. Go to the Game Loop installation folder. In my case “D:\Emulator Portable\txgameassistant”
  4. Delete “appmarket” and “UI” folder.
  5. Copy TGB UI Files to Game Loop installation folder.
  6. Extract the files.
  7. All done. Enjoy Tencent Gaming Buddy.

How To Speed Up NOX

After all, processes are finished, the Game Loop UI will return to being the old Tencent Gaming Buddy.





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