How to Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite Without VFIN

What is VMOS Lite

The big question, can we Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite version? Before answering that question we will first discuss what is VMOS Lite. VMOS Lite is a Lite version of VMOS that does not have ROOT disable enable features. Don’t worry if you still need VMOS with ROOT access, you can still get it on the official website of VMOS.

This feature is what distinguishes VMOS Lite from regular VMOS. VMOS developer deliberately removes this ROOT feature because of the rules of the Google Play Store that do not allow this. With this limitation, VMOS Lite is considered unable to play Pokemon GO, because in order to play Pokemon Go we need root access.

Answering the question above, YES now we can play Pokemon Go on VMOS Lite with a little trick that is very easy.  VMOS Lite was initially unable to play Pokemon GO. Many users have complained about this.  When they download VMOS from the Google Play Store and install Pokemon GO they will find Unable to Authenticate.

How To Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite Without VFIN

To be able to play Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite, there are a number of things needed:
Required Files

  • VMOS Lite get VMOS Lite directly from the Google Play Store.
  • GPS Joystick: The best tools for spoofing your current location to your desired location.
  • Pokemon GO: To be able to play Pokemon GO on VMOS without having to use VFIN we need a certain Pokemon GO version. Not all Pokemon GO can be played on VMOS Lite. The Pokemon GO version that can work on VMOS Lite is only Pokemon GO 0.165.2 with armeabi-v7a, except this version can’t.
  • ES Explorer: Very powerful file explorer application.

We only need 3 applications above, unlike the previous method which requires more applications and complicated login methods. I compressed the two files (GPS Joystick and Pokemon Go 0.165.2), namely to facilitate the Pokemon GO installation process on VMOS Lite.  So you no longer need to download from the Play Store and install it. Steps to install Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite:

  1. Go to Play Store and search for VMOS Lite.
  2. Install VMOS Lite.
  3. Download the required files (ES Explorer &
  4. Navigate to the directory where you download the required files
  5. Install ES Explorer
  6. Open ES Explorer
  7. Navigate back to the directory where you download the required files
  8. Long press hit the 3 dots button in the bottom right. Play-Pokemon-GO-On-VMOS-Lite-Without-VFIN
  9. Select EXTRACT TO
  10. Extract to root directory /
  11. Reboot VMOS
  12. Done

A video tutorial on how to install and play Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite without VFIN.

Steps to Spoof Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite

  1. Open the GPS Joystick and specify the location you want and press start button. Keep in mind that if you have previously played Pokemon GO on your smartphone in less than 6 hours and you have moved locations overseas you will be exposed to SoftBan.
  2. Run the Pokemon Go app and we are ready to spoof.

Tips to play Pokemon GO on VMOS Lite

Before doing a Spoof on VMOS Lite you should pay attention to the following things.

  1. Make sure within 6 hours you do not log in Pokemon Go to avoid getting hit by SoftBan.  What is SoftBan? Softban is a situation where you can’t do anything but just walking around in the game. You won’t be able to play Pokestop and all the Pokemon you try to catch will always run away.
  2. Respect the Softban Cooldown. Below is Pokemon GO Soft Ban Cooldown Chartplay pokemon go on vmos lite Soft Ban Cooldown Chart


Stay careful when playing Pokemon Go on VMOS Lite because VMOS Lite is a third party application. All third-party applications run the risk of getting banned. Stay careful also in Spoofing because if we teleport a long distance from our last location, then we will be hit by SoftBan.

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