How To Play Pokemon GO on PC Windows 10

Can we play Pokemon GO on Windows 10

play pokemon go on pc windows 10

Many Pokemon GO players, especially Pokemon GO Spoofers who really want to be able to play Pokemon GO on PC Windows 10. At the beginning of the emergence of Pokemon GO this is very easy to do because the security system of Pokemon GO has not limited players. But after several updates, Niantic added a security system so that Pokemon GO can no longer be played again on a PC of course with Android Emulator App.

At the end of the year, 2019 playing Pokemon go on PC can be done again, of course, with a little trick. You can see the tutorial in the video below.

In the video above we can play Pokemon GO on PC Windows 10 using the double login trick. We have to log in to our account first on our Smart Phone. After that, we re-login the Android Emulator (NOX App Player). But some time after that Niantic quickly found out about it and of course, the bug was fixed immediately.  Don’t worry, now we can play Pokemon GO on PC again, of course with a different trick from the one above.

Which version of Pokemon GO is compatible played on PC

Some time ago Niantic released another update, Pokemon Go version 0.165.2. In this version, there are bugs that allow us to run Pokemon GO on the emulator again. We don’t need to use any tricks to be able to play Pokemon GO on the emulator just by installing the NOX App Player emulator and installing Pokemon Go 0.165.2 then we will be able to directly play it on NOX App Player.

Please note that only in version 0.165.2 we can do this. I have tried the version after this and the results are very undesirable. All versions other than 0.165.2 were unsuccessful. We just hope Niantic does not force us to update Pokemon GO to versions after 0.165.2. But for now, we can still use Pokemon GO 0.165.2.

The best emulator for play Pokemon GO on PC Windows 10

We have tried Pokemon GO 0.165.2 in several android emulator apps. Among them, NOX App Player, LD Player, MeMU Play, from the three android emulator apps, the NOX App player is the most compatible with Pokemon GO. NOX App player has features that other emulator androids don’t have.

GPS Walking Keyboard, with this feature we can easily move our character just by using the keyboard. By pressing the WASD button, our character will be able to move according to our wishes.

How to install Pokemon GO on NOX Emulator

We need to download the NOX App Player on their official site. Make sure to download the latest version of NOX App player.

  1. Install NOX App Player
  2. Get the Pokemon GO 0.165.2 Apk Files
  3. Make sure to download the Pokemon Go 0.165.2 with armeabi-v7a architecture.
  4. Run NOX App Player
  5. Drag and drop the apk files to NOX App Player
  6. Play Pokemon GO on Windows 10


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