The Best Pokemon GO Joystick App 2020 (NO ROOT)

The Best Pokemon GO Joystick App

After VMOS officially stated that they no longer developed VMOS for Pokemon GO Spoof many VMOS users were looking for alternative VMOS Fully Loaded. Now they can no longer fly easily anymore. Yes, VMOS is the easiest and simplest way to fly Pokemon GO. But now it is no longer possible to use VMOS.

To be able to spoof Pokemon Go the most important application is the Pokemon GO Joystick App. There are many Pokemon Go Joystick apps that are on the Play Store. But there are also many of them that cannot be used or are not compatible with Pokemon GO (can be used other than Pokemon GO). The best Pokemon GO Joystick app that is suitable for spoofing Pokemon Go on non-rooted smartphones is FGL PRO.

What is the best Pokemon GO Joystick App for a non-rooted phone?

FGL Pro is the best Pokemon GO Joystick application that can be used for spoofing Pokemon GO on non-rooted android smartphones. With features that have been adapted to the Pokemon GO game. FGL Pro is one of the best VMOS alternatives.


How To Install FGL Pro

If you want to install FGL Pro you should first make sure you have the android smartphone specifications needed to be able to run FGL Pro. Please note that not all Android smartphones can run FGL Pro.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Only Android smartphones with the Android Security Patch under June 2018 can be installed.  Here’s how to find out the Android Security Patch.
    • Open Settings.
    • Select About Phone
    • Look for Android Security Patch Level before June 2018.The Best Pokemon GO Joystick android security path level june 2018
  • Android Marshmallow (Android 6). There are some Android 7 and 8 that can but are still recommended to use Android 6 for stability.
  • Google Play Services 12.6.85 (You must downgrade if your version of Google Play Store is higher than Google Play Store 12.6.85).

How to install FGL PRO

If your Android smartphone meets the three conditions above, you can continue to this stage. Follow the steps correctly

Downgrade Google Play Service to 12.6.85

  • Make sure you check the version of Google Play Services first if you already have version 12.6.85 or below, then you don’t need to downgrade the version of Google Play Services. Follow the steps correctly to check Google Play Services version.
    • Open Settings
    • Select Manage Apps / Apps
    • Search for Google Play Services (Make sure the app system is not hidden).
    • Select Google Play Services
    • Check the Google Play Services version. The BLUE MARKER (20.09.14) is Google Play Services Version and The RED MARKER is BUILD NUMBER ( 100400 every phone has different BUILD NUMBER make sure you download the correct versions).The Best Pokemon GO Joystick google play services 12.6.85
  • Disable Google Play Store auto update and never use Google Play Store again (Mandatory)
  • If your version of Google Play Services is above 12.6.85 please follow this step.
    • Uninstall Google Play Services Updates
      • Open Settings
      • Select Device Administrator
      • Deactivate Find My Device
      • Back to Settings
      • Select Manage Apps / Apps
      • Search for Google Play Services (Make sure the app system is not hidden).
      • Select Google Play Services
      • Uninstall Updates
    • Install Google Play Services 12.6.85
    • Install FGL Pro
      • Open Google Play Store
      • Search for FGL PRO
      • Install FGL Pro.

Configuring FGL PRO for spoofing Pokemon GO

After completing the Google Play Service downgrade and making sure Google Play Service 12.6.85 is installed, the thing we need to do after that is configure FGL Pro the best Pokemon GO Joystick. so that it can be used for spoofing Pokemon GO. Follow the guidelines below so that FGL PRO can run smoothly.

  • Open Settings
  • Select About Phone
  • Tap 7x on BUILD NUMBER. The Developer Options will be enabled.
  • Open Developer Options.
  • Select Mock Location APP.
  • Select FGL Pro.
  • Done

Now you can spoof Pokemon GO with your old phone.


If you have an old android smartphone, then FGL Pro is the Best Pokemon GO Joystick app. It is highly recommended to use FGL PRO if you don’t want to root your android. FGL Pro is the best and most trusted Pokemon GO Joystick app for older smartphones.






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