Downgrade Google Play Services On Android Emulator?

downgrade google play services

What is Google Play Services

Can we downgrade Google Play Services? Google Play Service is an application programming interface (API) used by other applications on Android. Google Play Services has a role as a service in the process of authenticating and synchronizing Google accounts with various services such as synchronization of Google Maps (Google Maps), Gmail, GPS, and others. Data synchronization by Google Play Services is also used by other applications that are connected to it. Uninstalling this application might cause other applications not to work properly.

What is the function of Google Play Services

Google Play Services allows your SmartPhone to benefit from the latest version without you having to update to the latest Android version. It includes all applications made by Google such as (Gmail, Google+, Google Play, etc.). Therefore every time there is an update, especially on the security side of Google Play Services, you will be automatically updated to the latest Security Patch.

Do we need Google Play Services in our SmartPhone

Yes. Because Google Play Services is the heart of your Android device, whatever its name is, is needed for the smooth functioning of your Android device. Although it does not have a user interface, we have seen that Google Play Services will improve your overall Android experience.

Why we need to Downgrade Google Play Services

When we want to play Pokemon GO and we don’t want to go anywhere. In other words, we need to use the GPS Spoofing application. Due to the updated Google Play Services, the GPS Spoofer application cannot run properly. Then we need to downgrade the Google Play Store on our device. Some reasons people don’t like the new version of the Android app include the following:

  1. The application is not compatible with the operating system that is being used so it often causes some error.
  2. Application features in the new version have changed from the previous version, so it is not compatible with some of the applications we have.
  3. The new version of the application is not compatible with other applications that still need the application in the previous version.

With the above reasons, it is strong enough to return the application version to the previous version.

How To Downgrade Google Play Services

Some applications on Android often do not provide options and do not give a warning that will always be updated automatically. But that does not mean you can not do anything to block the update. You can still use the previous version of the application or often referred to as Downgrade. You can use any android emulator such as NOX, LD Player, Bluestacks, but in this tutorial, i use LD Player. Google Play Services downgrade can not be done directly from the default Android App Manager.  Following are the steps to download Google Play Services on Android Emulator:

  1. Make sure you have enabled ROOT on the Android emulator
  2. Open Settings – Apps.
  3. Search for Google Play Services and note the build numberDowngrade Google Play Services
  4. Look for the version of Google Play Services that you want and note the build number (the build number must be the same). I suggest searching in apkmirror and download it.Downgrade Google Play Services
  5. Now go to Play Store and search for System App Remover (Root Needed) and install it.System App Remover
  6. Open System App Remover and don’t forget to Grant ROOT permission.Downgrade Google Play Services
  7. Search for Google Play Services and uninstall it.
  8. Sometimes the System App Remover will force close or even LD Player will restart automatically. Just ignore it and Run System App Remover again and repeat the uninstall process.
  9. Reboot Android Emulator.
  10. Install the downloaded Google Play Services.
  11. DONE. Now you have downgraded Google Play Services on your android emulator.





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