PGSharp Google Login Trick Full Guide 2021

PGSharp Google Login

Many new PGSharp users have complained about the PGSharp Google Login problem. Yes, it is true that until now PGSharp does not support Google login directly. This may be because PGSharp bypassed the security from SafetyNet so that it resulted in not being able to log in using a Google Account.

We know that most Pokemon Go players use Google Login to play Pokemon Go, although there are several login options such as Facebook, Pokemon Trainer Club, and of course Google. At first PGSharp only supported Pokemon Trainer Club accounts, but some time later PGSharp made an extraordinary update adding Facebook Login support.

Of course, this was welcomed by PGSharp users. Because with the addition of Facebook Login support, a trick emerged to be able to play PGSharp using Google Login.

pgsharp unable to sign in via google

How To Use PGSharp With Google Account

PGSharp link to google account

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PGSharp Google Login Trick

To be able to use PGSharp with Google Login we need a trick. Because by default PGSharp, until now, does not support logging in using a Google Account. For that you have to follow these steps carefully, not to miss a single step.


We must first uninstall PGSharp from our android. Because we will need the official Pokemon Go application to make the first steps

(PGSharp Google Login Trick 2021)

Follow all the video instructions carefully


*Incompatible with Google account.

pgsharp google login
pgsharp google unable to sign in via google yetpgsharp google unable to sign in via google yet
pgsharp sign in with google

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