VMOS Update: VMOS Lite Versions

What Is VMOS Lite

VMOS Lite is an Android Virtualization on your android phone. It allows the user to free control of the new system inside VMOS. This is a high-speed virtual android that is independent and is not affected or affects the real device. VMOS is also equipped with Google Apps like Google Play Store, Google Chrome just like an ordinary android. By continuing to use Android 5.1 VMOS Lite provides almost the same features as the non-Lite version but is lighter.

After a while ago VMOS was removed from the Google Play Store, now VMOS has returned to the Play Store with the LITE version. Now we can get the Lite directly from the Play Store again.

vmos lite

What is the difference between VMOS Lite and VMOS?

It is unfortunate that in the VMOS Lite ROOT feature is removed even though this feature is the mainstay of VMOS. Especially if you are a Pokemon GO player. Not yet known why the VMOS developer team removes this feature. Yes, it’s LITE version, of course, lighter than the NON-LITE version.

What you can do with VMOS Lite

Just like VMOS (non-lite version). Almost everything that can be done in non-lite VMOS can also be done in the Lite version. Almost all features are also in the lite version. Among others are

  1. Clone App: You can clone applications that have been installed on the real phones directly into VMOS by importing them.
  2. Fast switch: Because VMOS is another native Android operating system on your own phone. With VMOS lite, you can switch between real and virtual systems anytime. Just by tapping the floating VMOS button. Data and applications are stored locally.
  3. Customizable Resolution: You can specify the length, width, and DPI as you wish. All will be saved in the configuration.
  4. Background Application: when we switch to the real phone without turning off VMOS, all applications in VMOS continue to run.

The only feature in the non-lite version and not in the lite version is ROOT mode. We will not find ROOT mode in developer options. Maybe we should install it ourselves.

VMOS Lite System Requirements

Because VMOS Lite is an Android Virtual Machine on our Android phone and it running locally (not cloud) so it requires memory (RAM) and storage (ROM) for the runtimes.  Here are the needs of vmos.

  • Minimum requirements

    • 3GB RAM
    • 5GB ROM / free storage
    • Android 5.1 operating system
  • Recommended Requirements

    • 4GB RAM
    • 32GB ROM / free storage
    • Android 7.1 operating system

Why is VMOS Lite safe for your phone?

By installing the lite version on your smartphone, you have 2 different systems. What happens to the VMOS  environment will not affect your smartphone. You can do any experiment in VMOS without worrying about damaging your smartphone OS. If something happens inside VMOS, you can easily uninstall VMOS and install it again. So don’t be afraid to do everything in VMOS.

How’s the performance of VMOS lite?

Because this version is the lite version, its performance is also slightly lighter than the non-lite version. In addition, the size of VMOS apk file is also very small, only less than 25MB and the ROM is also smaller than the non-lit version.

Can Pokemon GO run on VMOS Lite?

It seems like Pokemon GO can’t run on this Lite version of VMOS. Because Pokemon GO in order to run on VMOS requires several applications that require ROOT access.  Because Lucky Patcher and ES File explorer must have ROOT access permission to be able to move applications to the system and delete the file system..  But don’t be afraid maybe we can install ROOT manually.


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