VMOS Android Emulator App On Your Phone

vmos android emulator

What is VMOS Android Emulator?

VMOS is an Android emulator app that runs on Android OS. Unlike most android emulator apps usually, run on Windows operating systems, VMOS runs perfectly in Android OS ( read VMOS System Requirements). With VMOS you will be able to run Android on your mobile.

The default Android VMOS is Android 5 which has ROOT installed in it. You can enable and disable ROOT with just one click.  VMOS Android Emulator is the best solution for those of you who are afraid to ROOT your cellphone.

VMOS System Requirements

Because VMOS is a virtual system, VMOS requires rather high resources.

  • The minimum requirement is at least 3gb (RAM) + 4gb (ROM) free space on your phone storage.
  • The recommended requirements are 4gb RAM + 10gb ROM for better VMOS Performance.

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VMOS Features

  • 1-CLICK ROOT: With just one touch you will be able to activate and deactivate ROOT. This ROOT only affects the VMOS Android Emulator environment and does not affect your cell phone.
  • Import Applications: With VMOS file transfer station features it so easy import applications that have been installed on your cellphone. So you don’t need to download applications that are already installed on your cellphone again.
  • CLONE APP: You can clone applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. And you can log in with a different account.
  • Custom Resolution: VMOS also comes with Custom Resolutions features. We can adjust the VMOS resolution according to our cellphone.

How To Install VMOS Android Emulator

To install VMOS on your cell phone, make sure your cell phone meets the system requirements mentioned above. Because VMOS is no longer in PlayStore, to install it you can go directly to the official site.

After you get the VMOS installation file, you can install it directly. When VMOS asks to enable Floating Windows just grant it. After the installation process, complete VMOS will install ROM. This process will take a little longer.

How to Enable or Disable ROOT in VMOS

By default VMOS root mode is disabled. Follow the steps to get root access:

  1. Install VMOS from official site. (It is free)
  2. Open Settings inside VMOS.
  3. Open System Setting.
  4. Open About Phone.
  5. Tap on Build Number 7 times.
  6. Back 1x
  7. The Developer Options will appear.
  8. Open Developer Options.
  9. Turn on/off the “Root” toggle.

How to setup custom resolution in VMOS?

The resolution setting allows you to configure the VMOS screen resolution. By default is 1080×2340 (this is properly tied to the screen size of your phone), but you can add a new resolution according to your like. Follow the steps to get setup VMOS Resolutions:

  • Open Settings inside VMOS.
  • Open Resolution.
  • Configure your custom resolution by hitting the Add Resolution

VMOS Common Error

Some common errors that often occur in VMOS

  • VMOS App not installed: This error is caused because the file architecture is different from the VMOS architecture. The solution is to download the file according to the VMOS architecture, which is to select a file that has an armeabi-v7a architecture
  • VMOS Unable to load: This error is caused by insufficient RAM.

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