Fix Pokemon Go VMOS Unable to Authenticate

Pokemon GO VMOS Unable to Authenticate

Pokemon GO is a GPS-based interactive game, which requires players to collect all Pokemon. This game is very interesting because it requires us to explore every place throughout the world. But many of the players are reluctant to leave the house. They also outsmarted it using a GPS spoofer, using the Android emulator app, and playing Pokemon Go on VMOS.

Before the Pokemon GO patch 1.161.1 we can play Pokemon GO on emulators such as LD Player and NOX. But after that patch, all android emulators can no longer play it. So many players are lazy to leave the house using VMOS. Yes, VMOS is the best solution at the moment.

Why do we experience Pokemon GO VMOS Unable to Authenticate

Pokemon Go Vmos unable to authenticate

VMOS is a bit troublesome for users who are not familiar with VMOS. VMOS requires several applications to be able to play Pokemon GO smoothly.

Pokemon Go VMOS unable to authenticate is one of the many errors that are often encountered.  The Unable To Authenticate message occurs because the security system of Pokemon GO has detected that VMOS environment is not secure. This happened because we were wrong in the Pokemon GO login sequence on VMOS.

The Pokemon GO security system will validate SafetyNet from the device environment that we use. In this case, VMOS.  The results of the check stated that our device is not safe. Then came Pokemon Go VMOS unable to authenticate.

How to Solve Pokemon GO VMOS Unable to Authenticate

I hope you already know how to install Pokemon GO on VMOS. If you don’t know how to install Pokemon GO on VMOS, you can read here.  The steps below are ways to fix Pokemon GO unable to authenticate:

  1. Always make sure Find My Device is disabled.
    • Go to System Settings.
    • Select Security.
    • Select Device Administrator.
    • Untick Find My Device. hit Deactive when prompted.
  2. Reboot your VMOS.
  3. Open GPS Joystick. Make sure the GPS Joystick is installed in the system/app.
  4. Open VFIN.
  5. In VFIN app hit the KILL PROCESS 2-3 times.
  6. Still on VMOS press the BYPASS POKEMONGO button 1 time.
  7. Minimize VFIN.
  8. Open Pokemon GO.

Video version of this tutorial: Fix Pokemon GO VMOS Unable To Authenticate


To avoid the Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate you should always do the above routine.  In VMOS Find My Device will return to the active position every time you reboot.

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