Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Without ROOT? No Problem

New method to install Pokemon GO On VMOS without ROOT access

This time we will discuss how to play Pokemon GO on VMOS without ROOT access.  In previous article, we have discussed how to install Pokemon GO on VMOS with the old method which is a bit complicated. The old method for some VMOS users is indeed quite troublesome. Many applications are used and many steps must be followed.

The method we use now is shorter and saves you time. So it is very easy to be followed by users who have just become familiar with VMOS.

In order to Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Without ROOT there are some things that need attention. for more details, will be discussed below.

Which version of VMOS supports this method?

After doing several experiments on several versions of VMOS. We can conclude Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Without ROOT can be applied on all VMOS except VMOS Lite.

How to play Pokemon GO on VMOS without ROOT

In the previous tutorial to play Pokemon GO on VMOS is very complicated and difficult to follow for beginners.  In this tutorial, we cut a few steps that turned out to be skipped.

  • Required Files

    1. ES File Explorer v4.
    2. VFIN 1.0.2: An app to bypass the SafetyNet checker inside Pokemon GO.  On VMOS 1.0.47 and VMOS 1.0.49 VFIN was available when VMOS was installed
    3. GPS Joystick unlocked version which we will install as a system app. This is a backup file so we don’t need to install it.
    4. The latest version of Pokemon GO armeabi-v7a architecture. Make no mistake choosing Pokemon GO with arm64-v8a architecture. Because it can’t be installed on VMOS. It will give you the message “App not installed”. Play Pokemon GO on VMOS Without ROOT

All required files can be found here.

  • Installations

    1. Open VMOS File Transportation
    2. Select IMPORT
    3. Select FILE
    4. Select where you store all the required files.
    5. Import & Install all the required files.  All files will be installed automatically except
    6. After Import & Install is complete, open ES File Explorer.
    7. Navigate to Internal Storage and VMOSFiletransferstation directory
    8. Extract to /system/priv-app
    9. Reboot VMOS
  • Configurations

    1. Check the GPS Joystick installation. 
      • Open GPS Joystick
      • Hit three lines icon on the top left.
      • Select Settings.
      • Make sure that “Enable system mode” is in the ON pokemon go on vmos without root gps joystick settings
    2. Create GPS Joystick shortcut in VMOS Home Screen:  Because when we install GPS Joystick we use the extract method directly to /system/priv-app so that the shortcut is not created automatically. We need to make it manually by:
      • Open Settings
      • Select System Settings
      • Select App
      • Switch to ALL tabs
      • Select for GPS Joystick
      • Hit the Disable button.
      • Hit the Enable button
      • Check GPS Joystick on VMOS Home Screen.
  • Pokemon GO VMOS Login challenge

    • Preparation

      • Open GPS Joystick and set your favorite location: Never jump to new locations that are located too far away in a short time (minimum 12 hours).  You will get SoftBan if you do this.
      • Open VFIN and then Minimized it.
    • Login Challenge

      This is the part that many VMOS users often fail to pass. They still find “Unable to authenticate” when logging Pokemon GO on VMOS.  So here you need to concentrate and the right timing when doing it.

      1. Open Pokemon GO
      2. When the Date of birth screen appears select the year under 2000. If you select 2000 and above then Google Login will not appear.
      3. Hit the Google Login button
      4. Wait about 5 seconds
      5. Minimize Pokemon GO
      6. Open VFIN
      7. Do VFIN Routines
        • Press KILL PROCESS until the message “please input PID”
        • Press POKEMONGO BYPASS 1 time
      8. Minimize VFIN
      9. Open Pokemon GO Again.
      10. You can repeat steps 4-10 again if it still doesn’t work.
      11. Good Luck.


The new method for playing Pokemon GO on VMOS without ROOT is easier and faster than the previous method. The thing that really needs to be considered is the Login Challenge. Timing accuracy is very important in order to successfully log into the game.

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