Pokemon GO on VMOS 1.0.49 Login Tricks

VMOS new update

A few days ago VMOS released an update that is VMOS 1.0.49.  It comes with several new features and improvements to some existing features.  If you are still on VMOS 1.0.42 when loading, there will be a notification to update to version 1.0.49. In addition, the version below will no longer be used after January 1, 2020.

vmos 1.0.49

Update from the latest VMOS includes the addition of some interesting features and enhancements to existing features. But many Pokemon GO players who complain can not log in to this version of VMOS. They get the message Unable to authenticate despite the login process as before (VMOS 1.0.42).

VMOS 1.0.49 New Features

  • ROOT: ROOT is now easier than the previous version. We no longer have to activate Developer Options. Only through the Settings and ROOT menus have appeared.
  • WIFI ADB: Now we can access Android Debug Bridge (ADB ) via WIFI. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a versatile command-line feature that allows you to communicate with devices. With ADB we can communicate with VMOS via WIFI.
  • File Transport:  The user interface is now simpler and menus more accessible. There are 2 buttons on the main menu. Import button to transfer files from Real Device to VMOS. Export button to transfer files from VMOS to Real Device.
  • Embedded VFIN: Now VMOS provides shortcuts on the Home Screen. Just click and you will get the latest VFIN.

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A new problem that came in update 1.0.49

Besides some new features added this version. In the latest update, there are problems (bugs), especially for Pokemon GO players. The login method that was previously done now is no longer possible. This makes Pokemon GO players reluctant to update their VMOS.

Pokemon GO players complained about the “Unable To Authenticate” problem again. Even though in previous versions of VMOS (VMOS 1.0.42) this problem was solved.  Don’t worry, I’ve found a solution for “VMOS 1.0.49 Unable to authenticate”.

Besides Unable to authenticate problems, several times I found bugs when disabling or enabling ROOT. Nothing happened and as a result, we could not get the ROOT access we wanted.

How To Fix Unable To Authenticate on VMOS 1.0.49

In this update, some Pokemon GO players have complained about the old problem of “Unable to authenticate” again.  Even though it uses a method that can be applied in previous versions, it still finds Unable to authenticate on VMOS 1.0.49.

It seems that after Pokemon GO update to version 0.163.3, Safetynet checking was changed after we login. Unlike the previous version which was done at the beginning, we opened Pokemon GO. So for that, we need to change our login method.

Before heading to how to solve this problem I hope you have understood how to install VMOS. If not, you can read here.

In this version, it requires a slightly different method from the previous version (VMOS 1.0.42). This new method requires proper timing. So follow the steps below so that you are successful in logging in on VMOS 1.0.49.

  1. Run App Ninja GPS Joystick
  2. Open VFIN.
  3. Minimize VFIN.
  4. Run Pokemon GO.
  5. Hit Login (Google, PTC)
  6. Wait for about 5-6 seconds then minimize Pokemon Go.
  7. Open VFIN.
  8. Hit Kill Process 2 times
  9. Hit POKEMONGO BYPASS 1 time
  10. Open Pokemon GO.
  11. Wait till logged.


To be able to successfully login Pokemon GO on VMOS 1.0.49 we have to do the routine above. Don’t give up on the first try because I also tried a number of times successfully. We recommend updating VMOS to version 1.0.49. Because on January 1, 2020, all versions of VMOS below will no longer be used.


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