VMOS 1.0.54 Fully Loaded with Camera Support

What’s new in VMOS 1.0.54 Fully Loaded

VMOS 1.0.54 Fully Loaded came to answer complaints from Pokemon GO players on VMOS. The Latest VMOS provides access to the real device camera so that the Pokemon GO VMOS AR feature works. This feature works perfectly. Pokemon GO players on VMOS can now walk with their buddy like playing Pokemon GO on a real device.

With the support of the Camera feature in VMOS, all the features in Pokemon GO can work all. Buddy, we can take a walk and level up.  With VMOS Fully Loaded everything is easier because all applications are pre-installed and configured. So we no longer bother with the installation problem.

Does VMOS 1.0.54 Support Camera

This is the advantage of this version of VMOS. In previous versions, VMOS does not support access to cameras in the real phone. But now you don’t need to worry because this feature is already supported in this version.

Although according to the VMOS developer this feature is not perfect and still needs a lot of improvement but it is enough to support Pokemon GO with its Buddy. You will be able to play with your buddy after activating the camera via VMOS.

VMOS 1.0.54 Features

Some features are the same as the previous versions, there is only one additional feature that is very useful. The following features are available in VMOS 1.0.54 BETA:

  • Custom Resolution: now equipped with a very user-friendly UI and is equipped with DPI (dots per inch). Make the appearance really in accordance with our wishes.
  • Virtual Button:
  • Instant Enable Disable ROOT: A very useful feature, with just one touch we have root access.
  • WIFI ADB: Now we can access Android Debug Bridge (ADB ) via WIFI.  Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a versatile command-line feature that allows you to communicate with devices. With ADB we can communicate with VMOS via WIFI.
  • Camera: VMOS can now integrate real-device cameras. With this integration, it is very useful for Pokemon GO players. Now we can interact with our Buddy on Pokemon GO. Although according to the developer this feature is not perfect at least there are no serious problems when we need this feature to play Pokemon GO.
  • VMOS File Transportation:  The user interface is now simpler and menus more accessible. There are 2 buttons on the main menu. Import button to transfer files from Real Device to VMOS. Export button to transfer files from VMOS to Real Device.
  • Pre-created Shortcut: All pre-installed applications VMOS are automatically created shortcuts.
  • Pre-installed Apps: We no longer need to install the applications needed to play Pokemon GO on VMOS. Applications such as VFIN 1.0.2, Pokemon GO 0.165.0, ES Explorer, SafetyNet Checker, WeCatch, GPS Joystick By appninja have been installed together with VMOS instalation.

How to install VMOS 1.0.54 Fully Loaded

  • Get the VMOS 1.0.54 file Fully Loaded (Camera Support)
  • Open the folder where you saved it.
  • Select and install the VMOS 1.0.54 Fully Loaded file
    VMOS 1.0.54 camera
  • Accept all VMOS permission.vmos 1.0.54 camera permission
  • follow the next steps until the installation is complete.

All VMOS version

The following is a list of versions history of VMOS:


It is highly recommended to update to this version because there are additional features that are very important for Pokemon GO players.  The AR Pokemon GO feature works perfectly in this VMOS 1.0.54 so that we can play with Pokemon GO Buddy on VMOS.

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